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Migrants - should I give a toss?

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    Originally posted by TwoWolves
    Not that simple DA, read that again.

    Gomory's vision of reformation actually goes beyond the trading system and America's economic deterioration. He wants to re-create an understanding of the corporation's obligations to society, the social perspective that flourished for a time in the last century but is now nearly extinct. The old idea was that the corporation is a trust, not only for shareholders but for the benefit of the country, the employees and the people who use the product. "That attitude was the attitude I grew up on in IBM," Gomory explains. "That's the way we thought - good for the country, good for the people, good for the shareholders - and I hope we will get back to it.... We should measure corporations by their impact on all their constituencies.

    This worries me. It smacks of Orwell's 1984 and communism. We already have such a corporation it is called the NHS
    Let us not forget EU open doors immigration benefits IT contractors more than anyone