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Facebook to weed out slackers

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    Originally posted by TheDude View Post
    Anyone can become a slacker if they are not motivated by their work.
    Some very smart people are really picky. They are only motivated when they get to do a very narrow range of things.

    Some seem to be motivated by almost anything you give them to do. (These are the people you really want to hire)

    Most will fit somewhere in between.

    Writing the above reminded me of an old manager i had, he would put CVs from PHDs straight into the bin.
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      Originally posted by Fraidycat View Post

      Writing the above reminded me of an old manager i had, he would put CVs from PHDs straight into the bin.
      That's the UK way.
      "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


        Originally posted by hugebrain View Post

        I’m noticing some rather nasty anti-slacker sentiment on this thread.

        For most of us, the slower we do things, the more we get paid. Is everyone inside and a disguised permie now? Where are the businessmen and entrepreneurs?

        Businesses like to earn a good reputation so people will buy their stuff. You think more like a cowboy plumber or cockney street trader than a businessman.
        Originally posted by MaryPoppins
        I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
        Originally posted by vetran
        Urine is quite nourishing


          Originally posted by TheDude View Post

          Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon do trim the low performers all the time.

          I worked for a bank that supposedly trimmed the lowest performing 10% of staff yearly but in technology at least I saw very few people let go for poor performance.

          It was all done by redundancies - when you start to see e-mails bounced and people disappearing from instant messenger you know that another wave of people have been let go.

          If you got a donut in your comp meeting without any spiel about it being a bad year for the bank that was as good as a P45.
          Of course BT do it differently. They offer great voluntary redundancy terms to everyone. You can leave with the best staff review and performance bonus possible, and a nice big redundancy payout. Indeed almost anyone half decent does this. All get replaced with cheap Indian nationals from the outsourcers. Its the best way to drive the quality of staff and deliverables down.


            Originally posted by d000hg View Post
            FB, Google et al generally are pretty good at not hiring slackers in the first place. At least they used to be.
            In the US yes, in the UK they have tended to hire from the same old public school old friends network, and rippled out from there.

            And some crap managers from the old tech giants who promptly hired all their mates.


              Originally posted by SueEllen View Post

              That's the UK way.
              I had an old mate who would always hire a female if they applied. They were so rare in that techie domain, that any was welcome. It was done to widen the social circle rather than any feminist agenda.

              Reverse sexism in a male dominated sphere.