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PAYE govt. support

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    PAYE govt. support

    I am with an umbrella company and have been a Project Manager in the Travel Industry for a number of years.

    I ended my last contract in September last year with a view to a few months off and then back to the same or another client in a similar role.

    The umbrella company has me down as 'un-paid leave'

    So roll on a few months and suddenly the Travel Industry is dead, and I have zero chance of employment. Perfect timing, I know.

    So.... how do I progress getting any support from the government? Do you think it is possible to get the 80% of salary support being offered to everyone else on PAY? Bear in mind I have been on unpaid leave since my October pay cheque.

    What does your Umbrella say? They are your employer - the scheme announced today is for the self-employed.

    Unless you can show your work has ended due to Covid-19, then I think its a claim for Universal Credit for you. You can't really expect the goverment to give you free money because you decided to take some time out and the market has changed when you decide you want to start working again.
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      You need to be furloughed by your employer with a job to return to.

      So, sadly, as you don't currently have a job / contract to return to there is nothing any umbrella can do to help you.
      merely at clientco for the entertainment


        No you get nothing

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          Yes I figured the devil would fart in my face once more. Not complaining, I know many are worse off than me.

          I have always been squeaky clean, went the paye umbrella route as I didn't want to dodge any tax, and was happy to accept inside ir35 status. Had I gone Ltd Co. route I would have paid a lot less into the system, and would now be taking something out.

          Regarding the point about suckling up the market change, the point is it has changed because of Coronary Virus. The client I was with for 5 years, that I was going back to, has laid off 6000 people globally. Being in the Travel Industry the impact is pretty catastrophic.

          I'll try the umbrella company again, no answer to last email - I assume they are short staffed and inundated with questions so I have not chased yet.

          Thanks everyone for your input, much appreciated.