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Agencies to avoid....

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    Practically all the agencies I have gone on to get a contract through are fine. It's the ones that send me generic e-mails for roles that I am plainly not qualified for that are the problem.


      Pontoon - An agent once told me to go to a first stage interview in Welwyn Garden City way back in the day. On the day of the interview, I drove 45 miles to the site. I arrived well before the time. Car parking was nightmare even for guests/visitors. I turned up in the morning expecting to be interviewed. I signed in the reception desk and asked for said person and then sat down. 20 minutes later, another staff member eventually came down and said that they had no idea of who I was, and an interview date and time had never been agreed between them and the agency. The contact person was not in the office that day and they were no expecting me. She asked who was the agency, I told her. I was absolutely p*****d and I said never again. Losers.

      Fazit: Precovid, it sounded like a nice digital agile client with a 6 month contract. Since then I learnt that this client is not really that digital and agile from other contractors who had experience working there.


        Originally posted by WTFH View Post
        Yes, I can add Washington Frank to that list.
        Avoid any agency from the Frank group like the plague, total time wasters. Demand that they remove you from their contact list and never call you again.