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Agent sold me a pup...

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    Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
    I'm actually a "She" but thanks for agreeing......
    We need some proof of that
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      You're on a rolling notice period contract - end of.

      I wouldn't split hairs over the ghost 6 months - if your or your end client's circumstances change within the first 6, it's academic.

      Head down and keep billing


        True enough, and that's exactly what I'm doing, spanking the hours and soaking up the experience. It's not the client's fault and so I'm giving it 100%.

        What rankles is that the agent pulled a fast one and suckered me and my post on here was to see if it had happened to others. Private messages seem to indicate that it has. One things for sure is that it won't happen to me again......


          Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
          We need some proof of that
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            Must admit, never had an offer of 12 months, 6 at most, even with the gambit of "it's expected to be a 3 year project". Leaves scope for me to call it a day and not extend (never been one to give notice on a contract unless I absolutely have to, e.g. client intolerable, personal circumstances, etc.) on a more regular basis as well as to renegotiate rates sooner if a rate cut is imposed.

            Sounds like a life experience moment. You got the rate you wanted, looks like at least six months, might be twelve. Crack on but keep your cv up to date and be more searching with interview questions.
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              Originally posted by MojoDog View Post
              I don't have a chip on my shoulder, just a low tolerance for arrogant kn0bheads.

              I have no idea why you're so fixated on this being a FTC - it isn't. And I have never mentioned rates (low or otherwise), or any conversation with the agent about rates vs length of contract. So your supercilious attitude and propensity to sneer appears to be based on nothing more than assumptions you have made and conclusions to which you have jumped.

              If you have nothing helpful to say, please say nothing.
              Oh my, you do lose your rag very easily, don't you? Still, it wasn't me who was "sold a pup" by an agent, was it?

              Now I wonder if that's because I'm supercilious and used assumptions or just always asked the right ******* questions?
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                Originally posted by BolshieBastard View Post
                Oh my, you do lose your rag very easily, don't you? Still, it wasn't me who was "sold a pup" by an agent, was it?

                Now I wonder if that's because I'm supercilious and used assumptions or just always asked the right ******* questions?

                You're absolutely right. About everything.

                Now run along and go and annoy somebody else.


                  Originally posted by Stevie Wonder Boy
                  hmm. Rather than the length. I would add I wouldnt be very happy with the Maternity cover discovery. Would feel too close to a permie role for my liking. Not thinking IR35 here, just the idea of being a direct permie substitute. Yuk.


                    Ahem - no actual photos of a puppy on this thread #disappointed

                    In all seriousness, chances are there's a higher level manager / beancounter somewhere that thinks right OP is covering so and so's job for 6-12 months - so and so might come back a few weeks later than expected and take time to ramp back up - other people might be off so just cover all bases lets give you a 12 month gig and not informed the numpty that showed you where the toilets were on your first day. Or they might have said 6 to agent with the possibility to extend to 12 and the agent might just have given you a 12 in the hope that the longer term gig would come off.
                    Which it might still do...

                    Waits for cute puppy pic.
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                      Got to admit I agree with Mojo and OG on this one.
                      I too would be well pissed off.

                      Yeh plans change etc and notice periods etc but surely its only fair to get a contract length using correct info at the time. Things might change later but to make it up like this is just plain wrong.

                      Can see the pimps thinking though. If it cans in 6months, then no biggie, boot contractor with weeks notice, if, as it often does, runs longer then result already got contract sorted. Well sneaky though.

                      OP - only thing though. Didn't this come up in interview at all? Even if gig is initial 3 month I always ask what plans are, how they see things etc. Of course, most of the time its crap (Current gig said 3 months deffo thats all, and Ive just signed up to take it 9 months) but in your case Im guessing they would have said its to cover maternity so you'd know the score.
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