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BoJo's Brexit plan

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    Will BJ reduce taxes as he promised? Or is it all lies as before ...


      Boris is going to faff around, then on 31 OCtober put a "closed for cleaning" sign outside Parliament so nobody can get in to vote anything
      Originally posted by MaryPoppins
      I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
      Originally posted by vetran
      Urine is quite nourishing


        Originally posted by BlueSharp View Post
        I thought one of the premise of Brexit was to throw off the shackles of the e.u and sign our own trade deals, or are the Brexiter's moving the goal posts again.
        Yes. I said Ireland was being shafted. And after all that they did to try and cripple Brexit, that's how they are rewarded. I hope we can continue to buy from the Irish, they shouldn't have to suffer because their PM is a monumental bellend.
        His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...


          Originally posted by original PM View Post
          In general the EU adopts the lowest common denominator when it comes to standards.

          The UK's standards are invariable better than the base EU standard.

          But you know...
          So leaving the EU won't end up in a bonfire of red tape and regulations.

          That's good to know.
          I'm alright Jack