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How about we do a merger with the Republic of Ireland?

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    Originally posted by WTFH View Post
    Which proposals were these?

    There's been a proposal for a technical solution that doesn't exist, isn't in development, hasn't even had a spec written for it.

    What are all the others?
    I am not party to the negotiations, neither are you.

    If any of the proposals had been accepted we would know about it.
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      Originally posted by Zigenare View Post
      I am not party to the negotiations, neither are you.

      If any of the proposals had been accepted we would know about it.
      So do you know for certain any other proposals have been put forward by the UK as part of the negotiations?
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        Originally posted by Zigenare View Post
        Ok, in answer to your question.

        In 2 parts if I may.

        1) The Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Germans are all members of the oppressive EU that have rejected all proposals made to resolve the Irish border problems.
        No they haven't. Who voted to leave the EU and cause themselves to be a third country? In theory the EU can state that due to the ignorance of the British voter in regards to the question of the Irish border, there should be a hard border as there is with other third countries. What the EU are doing is protecting the central tenets of the EU but at the same time trying to appease the people who are leaving yet still want to stay in some parts of the EU. The EU have put forward a number of proposals, which are in this thread, yet because the UK don't seem to be able to understand that the EU has to adhere by it's own rules, it's called being oppressed by the EU by people who are unable to understand that they voted out, and out means out meaning that there should be a hard border.
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          Originally posted by Eirikur View Post
          So tell me what was so awful for you that you have to leave it?
          You mean aside from it being full of brainless twunts like you?

          “The period of the disintegration of the European Union has begun. And the first vessel to have departed is Britain”