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New to contracting - advice on Product Management accreditations

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    New to contracting - advice on Product Management accreditations

    Hello CUK,

    I am a contractor newbie (6months in). I have 16yrs digital product management/design experience client and agency side but no formal 'accreditations' (just battle scars). Can I get some advice from anyone that has experience with product management accreditations? Are they seen as valuable in the contracting world? If so, which are the most recognised?

    I have seen AIPMM do some, but Google is littered with other providers too...

    99.9% of companies don’t know Product Management certifications exist.

    Solid experience is what’s valued in this area. Push that in your CV and only consider certification if/when clients and agents start asking for them.
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      Ditto the above and I would also check what's being asked for in role specs as sometimes they will say "xyz certified" or some such.


        Not valued one bit in contracting land

        Like and scum or PM certificates or most worthless of them all an MBA

        Experience only thing that counts

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          Great news! I read the introductions to some of the accreditations and found that the theory was about 546353737 miles away from reality but I was prepared to suck it up if necessary and try not to

          What a relief!