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ORANGE GENIE (tax home pay <50%)

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    ORANGE GENIE (tax home pay <50%)

    Haven't scanned this site for a while, I see my ex-brolly have been caught dipping their fingers in the till as it where.

    Wasn't my intent to post this, it did cause me massive grief at the time. given certain revelations such as their skimming behaviour, better late than never, also I don't care as I would NEVER engage them again.

    OE have always been my go-to Brolly as they are included on most PSL lists (or used to be). Over a year ago landed a contract and OE put me on a 1257L Week 1 code (no P45, so generate a P46), initial short term contract, basically £200 per day, take home pay being in the ball-park of £660 net, I wasn’t too far from that figure so thought nothing of it.

    From this short contract I then landed a 1 month pay gig for a gross total of £4800, when back to yet another £200 per day contract.

    Eagerly anticipating payday, Orange Genie had the bright idea of combined both the monthly contract of £4800 plus a week at £1000 (£5800), paying me a net payment of £3,004. If you remove the anticipated £666 for the week £200 per day = £1000 contract, Orange Genie from a gross earning of £4800 paid me £2338, which equates to 48.7% take home pay.

    Now the nightmare begins. You have just got to love how Orange Genie sends out payslips after business hours on a Friday, where you cannot contract anybody until the Monday, leaving me fuming over the weekend.

    I speak to OG, who explain to me I’m on a Week 1 tax code and that I need to contract HMRC to get it sorted. Subsequently call HMRC who inform me they have no record of earnings and have I changed my employer, there is nothing they can do until they have received notification of earnings, LTR or something!!! A quick companies check and in the middle of my contract, Orange Genie have now become OG Personnel Ltd

    Now I’m getting a tad concerned, no remittance paid to HMRC and a company name change to boot, which results in a reset of “Year To Date Payments” Pay, Tax & NIC”.

    Back on to Orange Genie or is it OG Personnel?

    Bit of back and forth, nothing happening, surely being on this “emergency Week 1 tax code” won’t take that long to resolve, it was already 7 weeks??

    Back on to HMRC who send a letter confirming my new tax code November 16th and inform me it will take 10 working days to be refunded any over-paid tax and notification will also be sent to Orange Genie or OG Personnel LTD, unsure which.

    Meanwhile I get offered weekend work for an extra £500, taking my total weekly earning to £1500.

    My net pay is $759, which basically means after earning an extra £500 resulted in me getting paid an additional £90, I'm stunned, and once again fabulous timing, payslip sent out on Friday left to spew until the Monday. Twelve weeks after joining Orange Genie they still have me on a WEEK 1 tax code, this is longer than the 10 days which I was told it would take by HMRC.

    Back on to Orange Genie, then HMRC who inform me I should never have been on this Week 1 tax code and notification was sent to Orange Genie or O.G Personnel (unsure which). A simple call to HMRC and they would have confirmed anybody’s tax code to any bona-fide employer.

    Further calls to O.G, they inform me they never received any notification from HMRC, so I email them my copy. 24 hours later I’m informed the Week 1 status has now been removed after 12 weeks, no thanks to Orange Genie who did NOTHING to resolve this, no phone calls, no response to emails, zilch. Rather it was me who had to chase HMRC, multiple times, constant calls to Orange Genie.

    Was given the obligatory “we are your employer”, that maybe so, but OG did secure my current contract, nope, nor any previous contracts, nope, they don’t pay my NIC insurance, in fact me their customer is paying them to cause me upmost stress, due to IR35 I pay Orange Genie to handle my pay, not for them to cause me sleepless nights and grief.

    I find it kind of ironic that on Orange Genie’s portal they have a Health and Well-being Section. Orange Genie have caused me nothing but absolute stress, in as far as much I simply wanted to quit my current gig to get them off my back and simply wait until the end of the Tax year to get all the unnecessary tax they have sucked out of me without lifting a finger to rectify the matter.

    Three months on a WEEK 1 tax code, which HMRC inform me I should never have been on, change of payee name mid-contract, this has to be a joke, I look forward to getting \ requesting my P45, I would never deal with this company again.

    TLDR; Orange Genie mucked up tax code, contractor paid more tax in the short term but will get it paid back later. Contractor does not recommend OG.