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Asp.net help required

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    Originally posted by fullyautomatix View Post
    Sometimes I wonder at your lack of reality grasp. OP says he has one page that needs optimisation and he has indicated his max price. You come along and offer him a helpful advice to analyse his product at the cost of 12K. The clients you work for must really die of frustration.
    I sometimes wonder at your inability to grasp basic arithmetic, fa, but I don't let it keep me up nights. I say again: if you think this problem can be reasonably tackled in half a day, and you're willing and able to take it on for £75, by all means be my guest and prove me wrong. I'm happy to be "outbid" on this one (which was originally posted in Business & Contracts, btw, which is the only reason I gave any advice at all on likely scope and price).


      Any more handbagging in the pro fora and I'll knock all your heads together. Save it for General. Thanks.


        Originally posted by KeithB View Post
        I'm developing an asp.net (webforms) app that needs a performance boost in a couple of areas. I'm looking for about a half day’s consultancy / help. It’s asp.net 3.5, vb.net, SQL Server 2008 R2. I’m using components from Essential Objects (not really relevant to the requirement) and Telerik Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX. I use Visual Studio 2010. It’s all data driven with very little static information. I don’t really want to change the table structure as it’s a live site so I’m looking to tune queries, use alternate asp.net techniques, maybe tweak IIS etc. The current worst performer is a page that takes about 10 seconds to load. There are a couple of stored procedures feeding it the data that take no more than 2 seconds to run in SQL Management Studio.

        We can screen share and Skype or phone. I’d like to do it before 31st October 2012 (weekday preferably) and can pay £75 (plus vat if necessary).
        Notwithstanding what others have said, you might find someone who can give you a couple of hours consultancy at that rate - some contractors don't command anything like £600 a day. Are you representing a company, or are you a one-man-band, or are you are 14 year-old trying to develop a killer-app in the spare bedroom?
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          If you really just want someone to look over your pages for some quick fixes, you might do as well to look at RentaCoder rather than hire a top-price contractor.

          Alternatively, if you are only looking for advice to help you fix it yourself, you might try StackOverflow or a .NET developer forum provided you can avoid having to dump the whole codebase on people.

          regarding NAT's comment, knowing who you are might help. Someone is more likely to cut you a deal if you're 1 guy working on their own project than a company trying to cut costs.
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