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IP66 / IP66 enclosures

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    IP66 / IP66 enclosures

    Anyone got a source for IP66 rated kit / cases ?

    I have been asked to quote for a system for a food processing plant, so all the kit needs to be able to be hosed down.

    Preferably looking for touch screen tft and PC. I am having trouble. I have found some IP65 stuff, but my best quote fot ip66 is nearly £4K which is a bit steep for a 500mhz celeron PC

    Interested to see the mini-itx question since I had been thinking about the via cpu's because of the low power/heat. How compatible are they (this will need to be windoze) ?



    Re: mini-itx

    Fully x86 compatible - extension support varies by model (eg 3d Now amd on the low grade ones)

    Will run windoze linux etc.

    Not sure how they would help you though unless you are considering hermetically sealing the entire box - might work on the low-grade ones. Even top ones only around PII 400 level apparently with crud fpu.

    Lots of info on www.mini-itx.com


      thanks fiddle

      Heat disipation is being quoted as one of the big issues with ip65/ip66 kit. I didnt realise that they only compared to a p2/400 - I assumed they were up to more than that.


        Re: thanks fiddle

        Power is not their selling point - they can be virtually silent because they use little power. The top end ones are good for dvd/vcd/divx etc video as there is hardware acceleration.

        I think I read that the top processor uses 7w flat out - total would be more because of the support chips and hdd etc.

        VIA bought out Cyrix (remember them) - they were top dog on power for a short while - I built a box based on overclocking one of their 150Mhz chips to 166 many moons ago - worked really well and much cheaper than Intel. I upgraded it to AMD 233 iirc.