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web page login

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    web page login


    as a well known web idiot who has been tasked with given a web page, i've got a simple (not to me!) problem:

    I want users to click on a "Members Area" link and get a password prompt. They enter password, hey presto, in!

    I know this requires a script and I thought someone might be able to provied me a code sample and simple instructions on how to do it??



    Think first thing you're gonna have to do Conor is tell us what possibilities you have on your server.

    i.e. do you have asp, java, php, perl, and what kind of database, and how you intend to store the password.

    after that it should be simple, although doesn't seem people visit this bit that often, so you might want to mention it in general, e.g. "Conor needs your help"


      er..... no idea about server capabilities. As mentioned on this board before I'm not a techie !! this is just a sideline i'm doing to keep in with the client.

      i might hold off on the blatent "Conor needs you help" post in the main forum just now, I feel inadequate enough as it is!

      thanks for your help though. i'll post back when i know more.



        login pages


        you have two options.

        1) write the scripts to provide a specific login page - and then handle the ongoing session using either cookies or built in session handling provided with asp or php or whatever. That is more powerful and flexible since you can then script actions further down the line.

        2) use the http authentication mechanism to challenge for a response. this will allow you to restrict access to specific directories on the web server and is easy to set up without programming if you just want to restrict access to a set of pages and do not care about different actions for different people. read your web server documentation to see how to set it up.



          Re: login pages

          cheers lads. i'll find out more about the server