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Anyone got an Amazon Ring doorbell?

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    Originally posted by WTFH View Post
    Nope, I’ve got an Arlo Video doorbell.
    Dan the postie arrived at 1.22Pm today.
    More importantly, what time did he leave...


      I'm still not sure I get the interest/risk in activity data to be garnered from an outward-facing security camera of any sort to be honest.

      Nobody trusts Google or Amazon right, but what's really to be gained by this? So they can work out when a random property in the UK might be empty? With technology that sends me an alert when a person is detected at the property anyway?

      We've had the doorbell over a year and I can't think of a single negative - its already more than paid for itself in terms of convenience and being able to prove a courier didn't leave a package when they said they did.


        Originally posted by minestrone View Post
        I'm kind of shocked that anyone would not expect this.

        My neighbour got one, they had some amazon stuff stolen from their doorstep last year. You have to wonder...
        Wonder what? If the doorbell stole it?
        Originally posted by MaryPoppins
        I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
        Originally posted by vetran
        Urine is quite nourishing


          Originally posted by WTFH View Post
          Dan the postie arrived at 1.22Pm today.
          Did he ring twice?