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  • osterfelder
    started a topic Some insights into US market (contracting)?

    Some insights into US market (contracting)?


    I lived most of my life in UK, my whole family is there too, but since I was born in other euro country, i qualified for US diversity lottery and, greencard sticker is now inside my passport. Im planning to move to "somewhere" in USA beginning of January.

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  • Contracting Newbie: US-based client and contract review


    Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere, I wasn't able to find anything relevant when searching.

    I am considering setting up a limited company to initially work with a US-client. They are currently drafting a contract and I have spoken with a few accountants including...
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  • Temporary visit to the USA for delivering services paid to my UK LTD.

    Hi everyone!

    I am the director of a newly created LTD based in the UK. My company provides engineering & consultancy services.
    There is a possible contract to start in a couple of months for a US customer; it requires my presence to oversee the development. It is the electrical...
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  • UK Limited B2B SaaS Company signing up US Corporate Clients and getting paid


    I've got me Limited Company going now... no more IR35 and no more sitting at desks. All remote Skype, phone, email, I have clients for SaaS programming in the UK.

    I am a UK Citizen. Resident in UK. I want to offer the same cloud services to USA big companies....
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  • American-based IT Contract - clarifications?

    Hi everyone,

    First-time contractor here with a couple of questions that I wanted to clarify. I'm currently working with a company, but my visa with them is expiring and I am moving back to the United States in a few weeks. I've worked out an agreement with them to continue contracting...
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  • mjdenham
    started a topic Working in the UK for a US company

    Working in the UK for a US company

    I have been offered a contract to work from home in the UK for a US company.

    Some people recommend using a Limited company if employed from the US. I hate paper work and thought about using an Umbrella company but am not sure if there would be legal implications. I have been a perm...
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  • Help! First-time UK contractor (working in UK) drawing up contract for USA client...

    Hi all,
    As you can see I am new in these parts - hoping to ask for your collective wisdom, guided by experience!

    Up until now, I've been employed by a UK Ltd company, part of a bigger US organisation. However, the US organisation is closing the UK company/office, and instead hiring...
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  • bigSAS
    started a topic UK National Wanting to Contract in the US

    UK National Wanting to Contract in the US

    Hi all,

    I have been contracting through my UK Ltd company for about a year, here in the UK. I would like to work in New York for about 9 to 18 months.

    I spoke for a bit with an immigration lawyer and there didn't see to be any options for me to go out and contract on the...
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  • PDA
    started a topic Introduction - returning from USA

    Introduction - returning from USA

    Hello, I have been in IT since 1974, a Project Manager for over 30 years and PRINCE certified in 1992, last recertification this year.

    I have been over 10 years in the US most recently in Healthcare EHR/EMR/EPR implementations and currently working on the Affordable Care Act rollout....
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  • koradma
    started a topic Working in USA

    Working in USA

    Am keen to find out the tax situation of working in the USA. Have a limited company in the UK I would ideally like to use. The contract will be just less than 6 months.

    The plan is to spend half the time in the US and the other half in UK with US for client meetings and UK for doing...
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  • flurdness
    started a topic Client's preferred Vendor (umbrella)

    Client's preferred Vendor (umbrella)

    I was wondering what people's experience when the client has a preferred vendor list.

    I am aware that some agencies insists on it, and often can be overcome, but this contract is direct with the client. It is a client I have never worked with before but they contacted me and offered a...
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  • shtek
    started a topic Looking for contracts in USA

    Looking for contracts in USA

    I want to try to have a job in US, can stay there with my GF she has a green card so may qualify for job there as a partner or something along those lines, Can someone recommend a place where I can put my cv or search for roles someone suggested Dice.com but there is no option to search for contract...
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  • wyomingpat
    started a topic Returning from the USA

    Returning from the USA

    I have been looking at returning to the UK after 8 years here in the USA. I cannot get any consideration from any of the roles for which I have applied. As a project manager of over 20 years PM and a total of 35 years in IT overall.

    I am presently helping select, purchase and implement...
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  • USA inclusive professional indeminity and public liability


    I work from home in the UK but my employer is american and the contract is governed by law in the US.

    From what I've heard most typical proffessional indemnity insurances don't cover this (and I assume public liability as well)

    Can anyone recommend a...
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  • UK contractor working in UK for US based company : advice needed


    I'm a first time contractor and about to sign a contract to work for from home (UK) for a US based firm.

    Looking around on t'internet a bit it looks like I'll fall inside of IR35 so is my only option to use a umbrella company or are there any other alternatives?...
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