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  • tonyjwheeler
    started a topic FreeAgent Experience & Code

    FreeAgent Experience & Code


    I've just started my Limited Co contracting business and created an account with Freeagent It looks good for simple contractor businesses. If you have experience with this online accounting software I'd welcome your views - especially of any pitfalls to avoid or significant limitations....
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  • kmo1993
    started a topic SC Clearance and recent arrests

    SC Clearance and recent arrests


    Within the past year, I have had charges brought up against me, the charges were either dismissed or discontinued. No charges made it to trial, however, for one of the charges i was found formally not guilty in a crown court before trial as there was no evidence, and the other three...
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  • CGMFerrier
    started a topic New contract - IR35 free

    New contract - IR35 free

    Hello all,

    I am a Software developer and just got a new contract with a company last week. They made the offer, I accepted now comes the time to sign the contract.

    One of the sections is bothering me (two actually). It states:

    and the last...
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  • deeter
    started a topic IR35 and software contracting

    IR35 and software contracting

    Hi everyone, long time listener, first time...

    I made the step into (software) contracting about a year ago and did a 6 month contract via an umbrella, for convenience sake. After I saw my effective tax-rate - including NI contributions - I was aghast and decided I'd go Ltd next time, and...
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  • dsc
    started a topic Product training paid by client vs IR35

    Product training paid by client vs IR35

    Long time lurker here, I've done some reasearch on this, but couldn't get a definitive answer, so thought I'd double check here.

    I'm currently working for a client through a limited company and performing a full system upgrade for a fairly big control system (I'm a control systems engineering...
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  • How does freelance software development contracting in US differ from that in the UK

    I have done 5 years of software development as an independent contractor in the UK, after working in permanent posts for 10 years. I now want to pursue contracting work in the US. I am a US citizen so visas, etc. are not a problem.

    In the UK I have contracted onsite...
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  • What is your #1 challenge preventing you from doing contract work in UK right now?


    My name is David and I am a Java developer from Berlin. Three years ago I made the big move to London in order to work as a contractor for different companies in UK.

    Currently I am working as an entrepreneur on a potential business idea and was wondering if there are...
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  • Synology
    started a topic Stuck with a charity client

    Stuck with a charity client

    Hi all,

    My first post here so please be gentle...

    I have worked for a charity as a software developer for more than six months now. And yes now I know the charity sector should be completely avoided because they are chaotic and the experience can make your CV look bad ....
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  • Advice on becoming a Java contractor, minimum experience

    Hello, ok so basically I'm a Java developer thinking about going contracting. Just wondering if anyone out there can give me any advice, esp with respect to experience required. Also, I'm looking to get regular work primarily in the north west of England.

    Briefly my experience is:...
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  • Sole Director of a UK ltd - moving to Germany or the UAE

    I am a permanent employee for a PLC company in London at the moment. In March, I will be moving to Germany for another permanent job. I am resigning from the London position and it ends at the end of Feb and my new job in Germany starts in March. I will become at the same time a permanent resident over...
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