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  • psv
    started a topic Payroll query

    Payroll query

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and this is my very first post/query.

    My permanent role was made redundant a couple of months ago. I used to contract few years ago via my own Limited company which has been in dormant state for last 3 years. Last month (Sept) I started a...
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  • ladymuck
    started a topic QQ for thems on FreeAgent

    QQ for thems on FreeAgent

    Does FA have a facility to create a purchase order - received from a client - and you assign sales invoices to it, thus keeping easy track of what's left?

    I've been on Sage One for years now and the closest it has is to create a quote but I'm not sure if you can assign invoices to it...
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  • Is it okay to "pause" my online accounting subscription?


    As of few months ago I've been conducting my IT Consulting business through a Limited company with an online accountant I've been very happy with (Maslins). However, now that it's been 3 months in, there is basically no accounting work left for them to do, as it's only me either...
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  • Do I really need to register for PAYE as an IT Consultant in my own Limited company?

    I just quit my full-time employment, formed a Limited company and started working directly with a client as a (what I believe to be) self-employed freelance IT consultant. I have just invoiced them for my first week's worked hours and soon expect my company to receive the payment.

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  • persig
    started a topic which date of expense to choose?

    which date of expense to choose?

    I have a following question:
    The UK company, using FreeAgent. Usually we pay to subcontactors late (sometimes for a month). In this case, is it better 1. to create an expense with a date of bank transaction, attaching invoice OR 2. when we receive the invoice, to create bill ---so the date of...
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  • tonyjwheeler
    started a topic FreeAgent Experience & Code

    FreeAgent Experience & Code


    I've just started my Limited Co contracting business and created an account with Freeagent It looks good for simple contractor businesses. If you have experience with this online accounting software I'd welcome your views - especially of any pitfalls to avoid or significant limitations....
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  • funkychicken
    started a topic Lunch expenses

    Lunch expenses

    Hi there, I had a (hopefully) relatively simple question...

    Some context
    I work as a contractor on software projects. It's fairly typical work: usually about 3 months on-site before moving onto a new contract.

    I've worked in the industry for a number of years, and...
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  • Contr8ct0r
    started a topic Crunch or freeagent?

    Crunch or freeagent?

    I am thinking changing accountant given that Qdos doesn't do cloud accounting. I have heard about freeagent, and Crunch. Freeagent is just a software, hence which accountant can you recommend?
    Any good experience with Crunch?
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  • Looking for Freeagent/Xero/SageOne users as beta-testers for late-payment app

    Back in 2007, Freeagent recruited beta testers here for their now very successful accounting software.

    6 years later, I'm here having bit an app that integrates with Freeagent (as well as Xero and SageOne) and I'm also looking for some willing users to help me beta-test a system to tackle...
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  • To use an accountant or do it myself?

    Hi Folks,

    I started my own company a year ago but i've only just taken on a contract which I start next week.

    I have sent the forms into HMRC to declare the company active (i had declared it dormant) and i've sent in the forms to register for flat rate VAT.

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