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  • Dutch contractor working for UK firm - reverse charge liability?

    We have a dutch registered limited company contractor working for a UK business. His invoices currently include not VAT details. Is the UK company liable to add reverse charge VAT on any invoice they send?
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  • Higher tax band if timesheets not approved on time


    As a IR35 contractor through an agency (not umbrella ), I am supposed to be paid weekly. I submitted my timesheets every week but my manager didn't approve them until 1 month so he approved 4 timesheets in one go.

    Now I received the payment for those 4 weeks from the agency...
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  • Swedish Tax Changes for UK based Contractors

    From 1st January 2021 the rule to determine where we pay tax drops from 183 days in Sweden to about 20! We will have to pay Swedish tax on any income that we earn in Sweden.

    This article is old but gives you a flavour. Swedish proposal on how to distinguish employment relationship...
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  • U.S Contractor working in the UK / Mortgages & Other Questions

    Hi Everyone.

    I have been contracted to a U.S tech company for over 2 years and recently got a pay rise to 75k.

    My first question was tax-related since my last tax submissions have been done as self-employed/sole trader. Is it time now to go legit and get an accountant to...
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  • Dranzer
    started a topic Self employed-contractor-WFH

    Self employed-contractor-WFH

    So i am a self employed ltd company contractor

    I am working for/providing services to a company

    I got this contracting position through an agency

    My question is this..:

    Can you work from home? Are you obligated to work in the clients office...
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  • johnhooper
    started a topic L1 Visa Questions

    L1 Visa Questions

    Hello, I've been contracting in the UK at an American bank since August 2019.
    I'd like to be transferred to the NY Office as soon as possible. However, from what I understand regarding the L1 Visa, you need to be an employee for at least 1 year with the bank.
    Do my months as a contractor...
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  • Sign a new contract while already on another contract

    I got stuck looking for a new contract in the beginning of the summer, when there is no much work available.

    In the end, after struggling, I found myself with two offers:

    - The first offer paid less and was a step backwards for my career, but they could let me start straight...
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  • pmartin
    started a topic Contractor free days

    Contractor free days

    Hi all.
    I'm just looking for some legal advice. I'm a spanish self-employed that has been contracted by a English company. I have been sent with other contractors to Arizona (USA) for an event that will take place till 24th February. There will be two days without event so the company is forcing...
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  • OrangeJuice
    started a topic Agency charged contractor employer NIC

    Agency charged contractor employer NIC


    In a previous contract, I was within IR35 and agency taxed me at source.
    I believe a agency has charged me employer tax but called it Apprentice Levy at 12% (this is shown on the remittance advice slips).
    I've also had deductions of PAYE and Employee Nic's. The P45...
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  • kembljoe
    started a topic Expense - 10 mile rule

    Expense - 10 mile rule


    I've recently changed my accountant. My new accountant says:

    "I need to make you aware of the 24 month rule. For example contract A was for 18 months and located at Canary Wharf, you then have a new contract (Contract B duration 18 months) and the new place of...
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  • HardCop
    started a topic contractor car insurance claim

    contractor car insurance claim

    Hi guys,

    I am new to contracting and have been contracting for a few months.

    Unfortunately had a recent accident. And after checking my insurance policy I realised that my insurance is not for business or commuting purposes. It is only for social/personal purposes. Did...
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  • Any UK Contractors in the EU expecting Brexit pain?

    Hi All,

    Do we have any UK Contractors out in the EU that are trying to figure out what to do in order to stay in their country of choice after Brexit? I've been in sunny Holland now since March, all registered with the Town Hall, health insurance and so on, then... Brexit,
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  • Consultant to Contractor - Restrictive Covenants?

    I’m currently working for a large professional services firm and am considering setting up on my own and going contracting - focussing on similar role to those that I currently perform (project/programme/portfolio management, PMO etc.).

    I’m keen to ascertain if there will be any restrictions...
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  • london17
    started a topic Contractor - unexpectantly pregnant

    Contractor - unexpectantly pregnant

    I am un-expectantly pregnant (9.5 weeks) and have in the past 5 weeks started a new contract with an ex-boss of mine. We have a very good relationship and I can influence him if needed so providing I am well prepared it could make all the difference.
    The contract runs until the end of Jan 2018....
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  • Radio 4 Request – IR35 impact on the public sector


    BBC Radio 4 is looking into the impact of the IR35 rule change for the public sector, and interested to speak to individuals who have been affected.

    We would be keen to hear from anybody who has seen significant change in the area they work in, or has seen their circumstances...
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  • Permie / Contractor Mortgage Joint Application

    After a bit of advice, I have been contracting now for just over a year and I am looking to move house. My partner is a permie with a substantial income, however not enough to go it alone on the mortgage. We currently have a staff mortgage through the halifax. I am wondering what the best options are...
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  • Parasol Umbrella - STAY AWAY

    Parasol is simply an unprofessional and frustrating company to deal with. When you are in an email chain with them, every email is answered by a new person and is sent as a new email so there is no way to properly keep track of all the emails (and there have been many emails!). When you call them and...
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  • dotcom12
    started a topic End of year planning tips

    End of year planning tips

    Hi All,

    New to the community and after years of using a contractor specialist (who I wont name), I have decided to take care of all my tax and accounting affairs to see how complicated it can be.

    My year end is aligned with the financial year and I was just wondering if...
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  • contractor300591
    started a topic Travel Expenses

    Travel Expenses

    I have been offered a contract working over 2 hours away from home and therefore would have to stay in hotels/b&bs. I have had a look online and the prices are about 170p/wk (sunday - Friday) My day rate is 150p/day = 750p/wk. As I need to work out before I commit whether this would be cost effective...
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  • Business car lease, paid from personal account.

    Hi All

    I am a contractor, contracting through my own limited company.
    I have found out a great car lease deal which is only available to business users.

    I have two questions here --

    1. its a car with 15% BIK, £21000, 84g co2 ------- would it make...
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  • Advice needed on accepting a contract in The Netherlands.

    I am a contractor operating as a UK Limited company. I have signed a contract with a UK based agency who is paying me in euros into my business UK bank account. However, the contract is to work on site in The Hague Netherlands.

    Prior to this, there was a contract to work onsite in Brussels....
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  • beardied
    started a topic Contractor Agreement Expired

    Contractor Agreement Expired

    Hi all, just hoping for some advice/input from anyone out there really.

    Im a web developer, i run my own business. Back in November 2015 i signed a contractor agreement with another web development company, the idea being that they needed me to help them make a new website for a previous...
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  • Help.... lost...tax....aaaagh contractor/permanent


    I have paid tax and ni on job that i was made redundant from in this tax year, i am starting to do some contractor work in the same tax year. i am reading that i will pay 2 lots of ni one as employer and one as employee amounting to approx 25% plus my tax which seems a lot and a little...
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  • First Contract role in the Uk - advice required

    Hi Forum Members,

    British citizen - I have spent the last 3.5 years in Aus and contracting there. I have moved back to the UK and just got a contract at a bank. First time for me contracting in the UK - set up a Limited Company this week and have been contacted by a company called Darwin...
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  • The "Can I claim... through business expenses?" thread

    I understand this topic has been discussed previously. But I have different scenario here and hope someone here can help. So I have recently started a contract with a company and the company promote being active and health, so they gave us a pedometer and target to track our activities on daily basis....
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  • Roby
    started a topic Getting paid after two months

    Getting paid after two months

    This is my first post so allow me to describe my current situation. I started working as a contractor the 17th November 2014 for an automotive company here in the U.K. At the beginning I was getting paid with a "stepper plan" which means I would have worked for two weeks, raised the invoice...
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  • Taking redundancy and going back as a contractor

    I know this is a question asked time and again but I think my situation is slightly different to other questions I have seen on this topic.
    I currently work for a large International company as an IT Service Manager based in the UK. Until now there has been 2 roles - Service Manager and Project...
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  • JosephHamilton
    started a topic New CIS employee

    New CIS employee

    Hi everyone,

    I will start working as a subcontractor next July (2014)
    Would like to know if you have any pointers on how to set up my trade?

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  • ianbhenderson73
    started a topic Considering becoming a contractor

    Considering becoming a contractor

    Good afternoon fellow forumites.

    I was wondering if I could get some honest feedback from others that have taken the leap and become IT contractors.

    The company I work for (who shall remain nameless until I no longer work for them) have decided that the BI function that's...
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  • Sole Director of a UK ltd - moving to Germany or the UAE

    I am a permanent employee for a PLC company in London at the moment. In March, I will be moving to Germany for another permanent job. I am resigning from the London position and it ends at the end of Feb and my new job in Germany starts in March. I will become at the same time a permanent resident over...
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  • UK and Netherlands TAX for Ltd company/PAYE etc

    Hi there
    I have just been offered a services contract in the netherlands, for around 6 months.
    I currently offer services/consulting via a Ltd company in the UK. Paying VAT and corporation tax in the UK.

    I pay personal tax on both my salary and dividends in the UK as a director....
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  • Relatively new graduate looking to persue BA career, and eventually become contractor

    Hi guys, this is my first post on Contractor UK, just looking for some advice/direction. Firstly a bit of background, I recently graduated from university and I am currently working as a Data Analyst for a large utilities organisation.

    My long term goal however is to become a Business...
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  • pavichal
    started a topic Pensions



    In a previous employment, I was provided with a personal pension plan into which my employer made regular Gross monthly contributions(for nearly 10 years). I left the company 3 years ago and the plan has had no further contributions made to it. I have since setup my own Limited...
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  • EU contractor in UK - taxes, legal, etc.

    this question has been asked many times probably, but I can't find clear & simple answer...

    I'm a IT contractor and I have a legal company registered in one of EU countries. It's a self-employment. I worked for few companies in EU. It was alway simple to charge them - just...
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  • vortrail
    started a topic Working conditions going to pot

    Working conditions going to pot

    It seems, the dreaded 'control' factor is rearing it's head in my contract role.

    I was told to drop contractor from my email sig as 'it didn't add anything'; many other staff are contractors.
    Then colleagues and I received an email stating the hours of work and getting permission...
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  • Complete newbie - overwhelmed by the amount of information

    Hi guys!

    I have a simple question here but it seems that I have to go through tonnes of legal material to get some sort of answer, only to find out that the legal documents are full of ambiguities.

    I am a fully employed IT professional, paying taxes via PAYEE and it's always...
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  • How to legally get out of an agency contract

    Hi guys,

    I'm fairly new to the world of contracting and I'm now into my second 6 month IT contract and I'm extremely happy that I took the jump.

    I've realised from talking to other contractors at the firm that many of them are contracted directly with the client and as...
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  • Topboy
    started a topic Unfair Termination of contract?

    Unfair Termination of contract?


    Was on a 6 month contract. Given a weeks notice as per contract in month 5. Told thanks for all the good work, did a great job but was not needed anymore as my work was complete.

    Found out another contractor has been moved from another country to replace me and the work...
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  • Anyone know any good IT Contractor sites in US, Canada, Australia ?

    Anyone got any recommendations for IT Contractor sites (equivalent of ContractorUK) in the US, Canada or Australia ?

    Been searching for a while but not found any equivalents of this site, anyone help ?


    Contractor Expenses iPhone App
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  • srennocks
    started a topic New iPhone App specifically for IT Contractors

    New iPhone App specifically for IT Contractors

    Apologies for the slightly blatant plug, but I want to inform fellow contractors of a new iPhone app written specifically for IT Contractors for tracking expenses and mileage, along with staying upto date with the latest contracting news from leading sites.
    Check out the new 'Contractor Expenses'...
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  • What is the most important factor when deciding to become a contractor/freelancer?

    Flexibility? Better Pay? The Experience?
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  • creativejunki
    started a topic Which accountant?

    Which accountant?

    I am about to go into contracting for the first time, and have a contract to start in a couple of weeks. I have sorted out the Limited company set up and need to appoint an accountant - any recommendations/advice/ones to avoid?
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  • First time Permie to Contract - What Rate Should he ask for?

    Assuming a skilled senior .net engineer is a permie and earns £60k a year including bonus, etc. He wants to move from permie to contracting; first time contractor - he has read a good book about IT contracting so has some knowledge about it.

    Should he move to contracting now; how is...
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