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  • Ianwoord
    started a topic Construction Industry VAT changes

    Construction Industry VAT changes

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the construction industry VAT changes that are due to happen on the 01st October? Just wondering whether my work as a drainage contractor could be affected by it? From reading up on it I think there is a possibility it could but not quite sure how to prepare...
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  • Gav1234
    started a topic Accounting for a newbie

    Accounting for a newbie

    Hello All,

    Do most people here have an accountant and use accountancy software themselves?
    I have just left a large accountancy firm as I was paying a lot for not much. I have been recommended a local accountant who seems to know his stuff, but is a little old fashioned and isn't...
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  • Alin
    started a topic Has anyone here used Audtax?

    Has anyone here used Audtax?


    Has anyone here used Audtax?

    One of my colleague recommended me claiming that they charge less and provide good services.

    Anyone else have used or hear about them?

    Are there any other cheaper but good accountants in London?
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  • siphr
    started a topic Meal Expenses

    Meal Expenses


    I am relatively new to contracting and have been constantly trying to read a lot of stuff regarding rules and regulations around it. One of the questions that I am confused about is whether I can claim regular lunch meals at a client site as an expense. I choose to be at the client...
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  • Setting up a limited company for contract work


    This is my first post so I hope this is helps people who are in need of the same information.

    I am looking to set up a limited company. I have been offered a day rate of £120.

    To make the most from Tax and NI exemptions I have opted to set up a ltd company....
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  • Rodz
    started a topic Vat only invoice

    Vat only invoice

    Hi I am doing some work for a company and they have asked me could I send a separate invoice for the VAT a month later. My Ltd company is VAT registered, does anybody know why this would be and if it is even legal?

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  • Limited Accounting Newbie - "Give a guy a little help this Christmas"

    Just started contracting again after years of being permanent. The last time I was a contractor I paid my accountant £150pcm to use an online tool but this time around I wanted to see if I could do it myself. After some researching I'd like to share my current understanding and hopefully someone can...
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  • Can someone provide me with an alternative to SJD acountacy (urgent )


    I would like to change of accountant, urgently....I am not happy at all with their services. Wait for weeks before I get an answer from them. I am late with my self assessment fill, because of their lack of information they provide me, I have got the Companies House requesting my...
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