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test please delete

This is a sticky topic.
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      thats nice. i wrote a requirement document that was expected to take a few weeks. amazing what you can achieve when cuk is down.


        i'm not saying it is any good mind.


          Originally posted by zeitghost
          It was priced at 2/6d* by the way...

          *that's 12.5p for the uninitiated... a lot of money in 1924.
          30p, surely? Enough for a holiday abroad, back then.


            Originally posted by zeitghost

            30p is 6/- (six shillings).

            25p is 5/- (five shillings). A crown.

            10p is two shillings, 2/-, a florin.

            12.5p is two shillings and sixpence. A.K.A. half a crown... luvley coins...

            3d is a threepenny bit.

            6d is a sixpence.

            4d is a groat.

            10/- is ten shillings or 10 bob.

            1 shilling = 12 olde worlde pennies
            2s 6d = 30 olde worlde pennies. Or are you applying some ancient, early 1970s conversion rate? Grandad lizard.


              Originally posted by zeitghost
              Uuuuuuum... I am indeed ancient enough to have used £sd...
              I thought it was LSD - which would explain a lot


                Tuppence Ha'penny werf o chips guvner, and a thruppenny piece of cod.

                Afternoon all

                had to use the IT Contractor forum last night

                Haven't been on there for about 5 years

                Nice to be back home
                Confusion is a natural state of being


                  I only found out what had happened after I found Old Greg on IT Contractor forum last night,

                  shock horror

                  I was having withdrawal symptoms a 3 am.
                  Confusion is a natural state of being


                    Bumpity bye-bye...
                    Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.


                      Everyone must still be on the other site

                      This site has really gone downhill

                      Test please delete
                      Confusion is a natural state of being