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    Racing at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club

    “The lines and sail plan of the Sunbeam cannot fail to appeal to yachtsmen who are on the look out for a really able little boat” - Yachting Monthly 1924

    Two centuries, two fleets, one aim - to celebrate the ‘brilliance of sunbeams’. You have to say where else could a boat seem so at home set amongst the rugged beauty of the wondrous River Fal. One can’t help but feel that the designer of the Sunbeam, naval architect Alfred Wesmacott watches on with a certain sense of pride and wonder. Sunbeams have been sailed in Falmouth from the Royal Cornwall Yacht Clubs for longer than most can remember. The genius of the 1923 design, by Alfred Westmacott, gives highly competitive one-design racing. The Solent fleet first raced at Cowes in 1923 and in 1924 the Falmouth fleet started with regular racing events seeing seven boats competing for the first race from Flushing.



      · Powerflush central heating systems to remove corrosion debris, sludge and scale
      · De-scale boilers
      · Overcome boiler noise and circulation problems
      · Clean a system with just ONE visit to site
      · Fully acid resistant
      · High temperature operation ot enable faster cleaning
      Benefits of owning a Fernox powerflow flushing pump
      This powerful acid-proof flushing pump is an ideal package to make short work of cleaning boiler and radiator systems without removing radiators. It can also double up as a descaling pump for heat exchangers.



        NVM can undertake all the activities from the initial environmental noise and vibration surveys onwards to highlight the potential problems. The experience accumulated goes back to the start of UK microchip manufacture in the 1960's; integrated approaches to avoid problems from the outset have evolved.



          Do you know about the new ISO approved vibration training programmes?

          The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing has introduced a series of ISO certified, condition monitoring training programmes and it is anticipated these will become the main standard for the future.

          Vibration Consultants & Instrumentation at Lymm in Cheshire has been audited as one of the main training and examinations centres, partly because of our excellent machines laboratories and unique training facilities. We can offer level 1 examinations and training now




            As a leading vending machine manufacturer, Westomatic is renowned for quality and innovation. In this respect Westomatic ‘stands out from the crowd’ in three key areas, which encompass all aspects of the machine range.

            First For Taste, First For Style and First For Technology explain why you can be assured of excellent quality from Westomatic vending machines. To find out more about these areas, please click on the icons opposite



              EnCompassCulture is a worldwide reading group, the place to find your next book and talk about books with other readers around the world. It has full details of over 6,000 books for all age ranges and is full of useful features. Learn more



                Useful features

                Stock History
                Consolidated View
                Portfolio Summary
                Account History
                Deal History
                Order Status

                Stock History
                This feature in ‘Account View’ provides an historical breakdown of your dealing activity in a specific holding. Simply select the stock name in your list of holdings to reveal details of your sales and purchases through Barclays Stockbrokers for that stock.

                Each transaction displayed in ‘Stock History’ will be dated, have a unique reference number, display the quantity of the transaction and show the debit or credit amount applicable to the deal. From here also you can deal by selecting the green ‘Deal’ button.

                Transactions will be shown in chronological order, your most recent transaction first.

                To print the Stock History page simply select the ‘Print’ button on the page and direct the page(s) to the printer of your choice.

                To return to ‘Account View’ please select the blue ‘Account View’ button within ‘Stock History’ to go back to the previous page.



                  Chronologica Version 1.2 Beta Tester License
                  This document is an agreement between you, the Beta Tester, and e-Timeline Services
                  LLC. e-Timeline Services LLC is the developer and owner of the Chronologica software.
                  This agreement is a license for the Beta Tester to use the Chronologica 1.2 software for
                  limited purposes and for a limited time. This license does not extend to any other version
                  of the Chronologica software.



                    CGP Associates are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 (registration number Z6567920). The security of all types of information in any format, whether they concern CGP or any of our clients, sub-contractors, suppliers, visitors or any other person or entity with whom we work, is vitally important and will be treated in confidence. The Data Protection Principles state that data must be:



                      Many, many people nowadays suffer from low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and do not feel as confident as they would like to.

                      Through hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy and other therapeutic techniques all of these issues can be a thing of the past. These techniques can be used for those who have never felt as good about themselves as they would like to as well as for those who have had a significant emotional event happen that has knocked their confidence.

                      Although most people notice a difference from the first session, making the lasting changes to being a more confident person, it is realistic to expect to attend 3 to 4 sessions.