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Loan Charge - late to party

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    Loan Charge - late to party

    Hi All

    Sorry for the new thread but not sure i could get answers from the other threads as you all seem to be involved for a while in the LC discussions, and i am a relative noob.

    My position is that i worked briefly as a contractor in 2011-12 and used winchester contracts to get paid. Perm since then.

    Within that time i have got around 31000 as loans from them and rest as normal pay(for which i filed taxes)

    I am now getting all the threatening emails from THL about LC and impending timelines without any further details being shared by LC rather than asking more money

    Scared i contacted HMRC and they have no information about me or my loans and i have no enquiries open with them

    I am now wondering what my next options are i.e if i should voluntarily tell HMRC i have loans and pay through settlement or wait for LC to come in april and ask for arrangement to pay then?

    Any guidance is helpful as i tried asking some accountancy to help and they want £1500 before they even talk to me about this, which i dont have.

    Sorry for the quite desperate email but am scared of a big bill and not knowing what to do now

    First of all, sit down, relax, get a nice cup of tea and start reading. The search facility on here is your friend and a search on Winchester will bring lots of hits. Focus on the threads in HMRC Enquiries. There are lots of them and you've just started another.

    THL are representatives of the same lot that sold you Winchester in the first place. Are you happy to give them more money? If so fire away. There are plenty of threads and opinions on THL, check them out. Do you know exactly who you would be giving your money to? Do you know what you are getting for it? Would you be getting value for your money?

    If you need professional advice but can't afford it, there's an alternative. A collective group known as Big Group has formed via a firm of advisors called WTT. Their main man webberg posts on here. You may be able to join up with them and the shared costs may be within your budget.

    If you want to do it on your own, ask yourself whether its wise to place reliance on anonymous contributors to a web forum which is known to be infiltrated with HMRC staff and workers from the various schemes.

    Webberg and another advisor Phil Manley (from the firm DSW) both frequent these pages and offer a free initial consultation. Doubtless other advisors are here too and may offer the same.

    Good luck.