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HMRC LC - beware Eximius Consultants Ltd

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    Originally posted by india View Post
    Hi All,

    It's such a relief to scroll through and read some of these messages. I thought I was the only one.

    I thought Eximius were deep down in my past, I haven't worked under them since 2016 and even then I was only a client for just over a month. My recruitment company rejected them in audit. I never signed the paperwork they sent to my address but it looks as though I did receive one payment from them, which I have only just discovered.

    Any advice about how to approach this with HMRC. I have also been sent the ambiguously worded letter. I have sent a response via email but anyone gotten further with them?

    I now live outside of the UK and have not contracted since 2016. What a nightmare!

    Good luck to all!
    If you have contacted HMRC, they will, at some point, send you a settlement information pack. Fill it out and return it to them following the instructions in the pack.

    I found it helpful to call their helpline a few months ago... but it seems to be super difficult to get through now.

    You should get the information to HMRC prior to 30/09, to get the chance to settle.

    If you only used the scheme for 1 month and no longer work in the UK, you may be in a much better position to bear the loan charge in 2019. To do that, you will have to fill out another self assessment for 2018/2019, and declare the loan income as a part of your income for the year. If you no longer are a UK tax payer, you may get a tiny tax bill for the year. However HMRC may go back into the tax year when you got paid through the scheme and reassess your tax for that year. In that case, any tax you paid on the loan in 2018/19 will be offset against what you owed for 2016. You may, however, be charged interest on the net amount which they may assess as due for 2016.


      No contract signed for loan agreement

      Dear respective members,

      I am in the same boat as you guys, I worked for 12 months in total over 2 financial tax years, but I did not sign any loan agreement with Eximius Consultanting, but I have received a letter from HMRC stating I need to pay back tax on the loans I received, I wrote back to them telling them I am willing to pay back the money I owe, my question is will this include

      1 National Insurance payments.

      2. can I extend the payments over 5 years without interes

      3. If I did not sign a loan contract with Eximius, can I use this against the HMRC as a get out clause but I would like to thread carefully because, I do not want to aggravate my options with HMRC, I believe, if you are cooperative with them, they will be willing to accommodate.

      I look forward to hearing from you.