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Bad time of year for new contracts?

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    Originally posted by Erebus View Post
    Just to add a modicum of positivity after a thread of doom and gloom. I 'have' passed over freelance pieces this year while waiting for a contract and indeed passed over a contract I didn't feel was suitable after all was said and done. Posssssibly not the best strategy :-D #rookiemistakes
    So you are moaning about nothing!
    "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


      Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
      So you are moaning about nothing!
      Hopefully :-)


        Originally posted by alreadypacked View Post
        What are the new things comming into your area, what software etc. Not having an overview of your sector of the industry #rookiemistakes

        Many people are surprised when rates in their area drop. But it does not happen over night, there are signs to the people in the industry, you just need to be looking for them and also looking where you should be moving next. Always be ahead.
        WHS x100 - Things are always moving, new people get experience, new software makes the old stuff obsolete (Lotus notes, access anyone ?). org changes/outsource removes half the jobs (desktop support).
        This happened to me, everything I knew was worth NMW + 10% over the space of a year or so and I was sleep-walking, it was terrifying.
        Took me 3 years to reinvent into something with more legs. Keep moving, keep an eye on the future, stash some of the coin and if you ain't got a Plan B, you need one....


          So, what we are all saying is...

          Who Moved My Cheese?