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NHS For all - if you don't smoke and are not fat!

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    Originally posted by wendigo100
    Excellent point Tony. When you add up the duty on 20 fags a day, smokers pay £1400 extra in tax per year. Assuming they smoke for 30 years before they start needing significant treatment, I reckon they have paid for it.

    BTW I'm working for Bill Gates now.
    Really W?

    In what capacity ?


      Originally posted by shaunbhoy
      And just why are we "due to pay" then expat? The only rationale for taxation is that we cannot expect to receive certain things from the state unless we are prepared to chip in financially for those things. Its a tad unfair to expect people to chip in on that basis then to deny them the very thing they have contributed towards on a technicality. Well at least it is on our planet, do they view things differently in that parallel dimension of yours? And is there still no tax on tree-hugging in expatonia?
      I pay tax in order to avoid being locked up in a small cell with a large man.


        Originally posted by AlfredJPruffock
        Really W?

        In what capacity ?
        Contractor, in Reading.

        Quite a feather in my cap, don't you think?


          Only a feather if you tell us what grading number you have...

          You do have a grading number? Or are you just an oik...
          Insanity: repeating the same actions, but expecting different results.
          threadeds website, and here's my blog.


            I suspect that if your beloved mags had suggested such changes, your reaction would have been somewhat different.


              Originally posted by expat
              Because by definition you pay a tax because you're due to pay, end of story; not because of hope of return. Tax isn't a 2-way street.
              the unquestioning acquiescence to paying money out beggars belief.

              Interesting article by Tom Uttley in todays Telegraph with regards to getting students to sign contracts:


              There will come a time when tax like everything else has to relate to the quality of provision of services that are received in return.
              Let us face it there is little responsibility taken for the delivery of public services. They dont even have to provide proper sets of accounts.
              Let us not forget EU open doors immigration benefits IT contractors more than anyone