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Competition for the best joke of the day

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    Competition for the best joke of the day

    I start:

    A wanna be .NET programmer falls into the river Thames and starts shouting: F1, F1, F1!!!!!!!!

    You can laugh here :rolleyes




      sunny, you will have to do a lot better than that to have a chance of winning!!!


        A wanna be .net programmer wants to swim. He sees a frog and copies the style. He now wants to show to the world that he can swim much better than the frog and much faster, and that the frog still doesn't swim in run-time and that he can swim in any pond/lake and that the ponds should replace all the frogs with clones of him since he is definetely the new way to go and frogs are obsolete.


          How many .NET programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

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             System.Web.UI.Page.RaisePostBackEvent(NameValueCollection postData) +33
             System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain() +1247


            Two monkeys having a bath.

            First one says “Oo,oo, ah, ah” (a monkey sounding noise – it’s bit of an audio joke really)

            Second one says “put some cold water in”


              Two beekeepers comparing notes.

              First beekeeper: “How many bees have you got?”

              Second beekeeper: “Ten thousand”

              FBK: “blimey that’s a lot of bees. How many hives?”

              SBK: “twenty”

              FBK: “Very impressive”

              SBK: “How many bees have you got?”

              FBK: “Four million”

              SBK: “How many hives”

              FBK: “just one”

              SBK: “Four million bees in one hive! That’s amazing”

              FBK: “Yeah. F u c k’em, they’re only bees”


                What do you call a Pakistani lesbian?

                Minge Eater.

                I'll get me coat.....:|


                  How many Milan do you need to take a taxi ride?

                  At least six of them or it isn't worth it.


                    Irishman goes into his daughters bedroom and finds a packet of condoms.

                    "Be Jesus!" he exclaims.

                    "I didn't even know she had a c0ck"