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how GAY are you

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    Originally posted by Fungus

    Last time I went for a haircut, the bloke asked if I wanted my eye brows trimmed. I had to ask him to repeat several times until I worked out what he meant. Boody weird. Next they'll be wanting to trim nostril hair and bum hair. That's what comes of going to an Italian barber.

    I always get my eyebrows trimmed... Mark my hairdresser is openly gay, and ironically enough cuts my girlfrieds hair... she gives him instructions to 'leave it longer on top' or somesuch next time I go in, and yes, I use moisturiser etc.. my gay mates talked me into trying it and thank god for that... I pass for an average of 8 years younger than my real age. 'Coal Face' soap and 'Cosmetic Lad' moisturiser from Lush - you can order it online if youre the shy type. Works a treat.

    Nothing wrong with looking after yourself... going to the gym, exercise in general and looking after you skin... hey, the ladies seem to appreciate it
    Vieze Oude Man


      Had a Portillo??

      Originally posted by xoggoth
      Hee hee I am 8 points less gay than DG and only one of has had a Portillo, so he says anyway.
      Confused of Colchester asks, WTF is a Portillo, is this some interesting sexual sideline, of which I have been hitherto unaware? Are there small furry animals involved or something like that? Christians, possibly?
      Why not?