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Buying a Hotel Room

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    Buying a Hotel Room

    Has anyone looked at the premise of purchasing a leasehold on one of the Hotel Rooms in Mayfair I have seen advertised. They had adverts on the underground during the summer.

    I havent really seen anything else on it until I started looking for a cheap flat to buy in London.

    £99k, 21 Days for 45 year leasehold.

    Anyone know anything about this or do i need to provide more info?
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    hmm, fatherhood taking its toll, lates nights

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      First of all, the baby hasnt dropped I was takling about some friends I went yo yesterday who have become baby bores.

      Secondly, I have no interest in purchasing a lease on a hotal room, I was wondering if anyone had looked at it as an investment and what returns it was supposed to provide, because to me it looked a straight ripoff.

      Mince pie overdose Milan?
      What happens in General, stays in General.
      You know what they say about assumptions!


        you should stick with selling your tat and windows 2000 helpdesk contracts



          Yawn Yawn Yawn Milan.

          Been off the site for a few months and yep - you're stil a tosser and working today still on your support contract I see.

          For anyone who is interested the link is


          I know little about this(which is more than Milan) and was wondering if anyone had any comments(excluding Milan who will no doubt reply anyway as he has little else to do)
          What happens in General, stays in General.
          You know what they say about assumptions!


            MF, mate of mine and myself looked quite closely into this and came to the same conclusion that you did: there is little realistic chance of realising a return on your investment.

            One to avoid for the time being I think. The hotel room market is notoriously volatile.


              Notoriously volatile?


              I've one hotel. occasionally it has had the odd room free, but not too often in the last 45 years.
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                That's one helluva long game of Monopoly, threaded.


                  I seem to remeber reading some time ago (about 3 years) about this type of thing and the conclusion was that you would not get a return on your money, unless you were very lucky.
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