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Super Killer Application

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    Super Killer Application

    ..so it has been some time since AtW gave us an update on the SKA.

    so what's happening?

    How far to the first million ?
    I'm alright Jack

    £1,000,535?and counting
    SA says;
    Well you looked so stylish I thought you batted for the other camp - thats like the ultimate compliment!

    I couldn't imagine you ever having a hair out of place!

    n5gooner is awarded +5 Xeno Geek Points.
    (whatever these are)



      Judge for yourself.


        hmm I did look carefully but it doesn't say how far to the first million.
        I'm alright Jack


          his bullet proof X5 seems a long way away, perhaps a matchbox one would be more appropriate



            Lots or URLs, no money by the looks of it.

            AtW your GUI needs a makeover.


              He has a loyal following. A sort of Brummie Commie Linus Torvalds.




                I am loyally sending you my second barrel of nicely processed URLS and I cannot access the interface to your search engine.

                Is it broken?
                There are no evil thoughts except one: the refusal to think


                  Originally posted by sunnysan
                  I am loyally sending you my second barrel of nicely processed URLS and I cannot access the interface to your search engine.
                  Thanks sunny - search engine uses port 8888, it is likely that your firewall is not letting you through as some places restrict ports. This is why I had to allocate more important port 80 to the server and the search engine itself another port.

                  There have not been much news because I was too busy even post here much -- as you can see on my site numbers of people interested in the project grown significantly and number of URLs crawled is very very high. My primary competitor closed down few weeks ago and I had an influx of people to my project, so from this point of view things go very very well - I have the leading project of its kind in the world now.

                  I should get new search engine index done in less than 2 weeks and hope to index 1 bln URLs before end of the year. This will make me certainly the biggest UK search engine and probably Top 10 world search engines.

                  When will the money come? Unlike you I am very patience and set correct priorities - dev of search engine is needed before I can focus on other things, and if you have any clue about SEO you should realise that I will have database that will allow me to become _the_ expert in SEO - and this worth good money.

                  Bovvered: why you think GUI (of the client presumably) needs makeover?


                    AtW, a question. You're a young guy and you've been working full-time on your project for quite a while now. Just how much did you make from contracting to support yourself all this time???
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