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What was the FIRST gig you saw?

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    Can't really remember but it was either The Stunning or An Emotional Fish round 1990ish at some local dive in Ireland.

    First proper concert was at Slane Castle with Pearl Jam and Neil Young headlining in '93, as I was not the tallest person around, some bloke kindly offered to put me on his shoulders, carried me to the front and I got to hold Eddie Vedder's hand throughout one of the songs.
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      China Crisis at Milton Keynes.


        I think it was Rod Stewart at Olympia in 1978

        I was chaperoning my younger sister who was somewhat smitten.

        I sat up in the gods while she disappeared down the front for the duration.

        Fortunately, she came back so I didn't have to explain to my Mum what part of "Look after her and stay together at all times" I didn't understand!


          Queen, Magic Tour, Wembley '86. Or The Pretenders, NEC Arena, Birmingham. Can't remember which was first.
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            Deep Purple, back in 1976
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                That's some serious thread necromancy GG
                I'm sorry, but I'll make no apologies for this

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                  Some charity concert when I was about 16. It was notable for the way they kept passing the hat around "so that we can afford to have the concert hall for another half hour". Ah, my first inkling that all this love and peace malarkey was actually a nice little earner.

                  Ralph McTell, John Williams (the classical guitar John Williams), various other artists and the first time I ever heard it, Hawkwind playing Silver Machine.

                  Sadly I had to leave for the last bus home before the end of Hawkwind's bit, but I was hooked.
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                    Originally posted by Gittins Gal View Post
                    Wow..goes with envy.

                    I'm a huge Maddy fan but have never actually seen her with Steeleye.

                    Did see Steeleye minus Maddy at Cropredy one year and have also seen Maddy with the Carnival Band back in 2007 on their Music for Tavern and Chapel.

                    Do you like E?

                    ...and as for the OP - it was a terrible outfit called The Varukers at Bridgwater Arts Centre in 1985 but I can almost guarantee that none of you would have heard of them lol....
                    I seem to have a vague memory of once owning a single by the Varukers. I think it was called "Die for your government" . Other than that Sex Pistols Anarchy Tour in Caerphilly.


                      Originally posted by zeitghost
                      IIRC the next gig involved The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver.

                      WTF they were I have no idea.

                      Some of those gigs were loud*.

                      As my tinnitus reminds me.


                      *And not Vox AC30 loud but Amcron DC300A loud.
                      I think the loudest one I went to was a Jimi Hendrix wannabe, who plainly wasn'tgoingtobe.

                      He was so loud my rib cage was rattling.

                      His hearing had probably already gone.

                      Everyone retreated to the bar, which was saying something because the beer was lousy.

                      I was bit more selective about which groups I went to see after that experience.
                      Behold the warranty -- the bold print giveth and the fine print taketh away.