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    Just wanted to remind everyone if you want to plant cabbages, now is the time to do it.
    I'm alright Jack

    Blimey, I never knew they were so sensitive to when they are planted.

    Is it always 16:39 on 10th August or does it change slightly every year ?
    Your parents ruin the first half of your life and your kids ruin the second half


      Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!
      It isn't fit for humans now,
      There isn't grass to graze a cow.
      Swarm over, Death!

      Come, bombs and blow to smithereens
      Those air -conditioned, bright canteens,
      Tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans,
      Tinned minds, tinned breath.

      Mess up the mess they call a town-
      A house for ninety-seven down
      And once a week a half a crown
      For twenty years.

      And get that man with double chin
      Who'll always cheat and always win,
      Who washes his repulsive skin
      In women's tears:

      And smash his desk of polished oak
      And smash his hands so used to stroke
      And stop his boring dirty joke
      And make him yell.

      But spare the bald young clerks who add
      The profits of the stinking cad;
      It's not their fault that they are mad,
      They've tasted Hell.

      It's not their fault they do not know
      The birdsong from the radio,
      It's not their fault they often go
      To Maidenhead

      And talk of sport and makes of cars
      In various bogus-Tudor bars
      And daren't look up and see the stars
      But belch instead.

      In labour-saving homes, with care
      Their wives frizz out peroxide hair
      And dry it in synthetic air
      And paint their nails.

      Come, friendly bombs and fall on Slough
      To get it ready for the plough.
      The cabbages are coming now;
      The earth exhales.


        Talking about Cabbages, how is Jabber today?