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Best Exercise Temperature to Lose Weight

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    Best Exercise Temperature to Lose Weight

    I wonder if anyone has an opinion on what temperature of exercise, with general exertion and time involved being comparable, is likely to lose the most weight - swimming, until your teeth chatter with cold, or jogging or cycling in the baking sun until the sweat pours off.
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    Ideally warm but not HOTor COLD

    If it's too HOT or too COLD you heart rate will rise above the heart rate that you will burn fat off efficiently. As your heart rate rises you'll enter the world of lactic acid quickly thus curtailing the length of your exercise period and the amounty of fat.

    Get an HRM and stick to a rate upto 70% of your maximum (I know all the books say less than that, just going on personal experience for my body from my swimming background).

    Being able to exercise for 30mins is better than 5 minutes flat out, unless you love lactic acid and don't want to burn fat
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      Choose exercise which keeps your heart rate up for half an hour to an hour. The external martial arts like TaeKwondo and Karate are great for that. Alternatively, aerobics / taebo / street dance classes use music which is a good motivator. Also don't drink sugary / fattening foods after exercise. Oh, and giving up chocolate and coffee will help enormously!



        I think you mean core temperature...

        If it is a dry cooling breeze I can achieve a much higher cadence on my bicycle than on a sweltering humid day.

        If it is a very cold day I can push myself an awful lot harder, and I don't feel any pain until I start to warm up when I finish, yet often would prefer an earlier warning...
        Insanity: repeating the same actions, but expecting different results.
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          Swim in cold water

          When I was about 16 I went back to boarding school one week early to attend a swimming camp. I wasn't a particularly good swimmer, but a girl I fancied was...

          Anyway, I was if anything slightly skinny, no spare fat, and not even much spare muscle. But I lost a stone in five days, after spending a few hours each day swimming up and down a pool with water temperature in the range 0-3 degrees celsius. (On a couple of the mornings there was actually a thin layer of ice in places.)


            I thought I should clarify that I don't actually recommed the swimming method, even though it works.

            A Concept 2 rowing machine and (much more importantly) tracking calories using a computerised diary tied to a nutritional database (as is offered by weight-watchers) is what I recommend for losing weight. I've lost and kept off 3 stone this way. (BMI 30 down to BMI 25) In addition to enforcing discipline, tracking calories is invaluable for educating yourself and making permanent changes in your habits. It would never have occurred to me that I should avoid sandwiches and fruit juice, for example. (Fruit juice because when you're on a diet the equivalent calories would be much more filling if ingested as fruit, sandwiches because I realised that two slices of bread with margarine and the slightest of fillings had almost as many calories as a plateful of rice and stew that occupied many times as much space in my stomach.)


              Lucifer's diet advice: Eat fewer pies and go for a walk twice a day.


                I hate exercise

                I tie a piece of string round my stomach, so if I start putting on weight it hurts. When it goes loose I tighten it up (well that's the idea). If you use a piece of string made up of a plastic substance then when it gets warm the string is more likely to slacken.
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                  Originally posted by IR35 Avoider
                  tracking calories is invaluable for educating yourself
                  The Calorie theory is nonsense because the body does not convert food into pure energy.

                  Go on a Gi diet instead.



                    Calorie counting

                    I'm not so sure about this calorie counting, and so in the Threaded Cycling Diet although based on the theory of calorie counting, you don't actually need to.

                    In Threadeds Cycling Diet you can eat as much as you want when you want, you just have to do an awful lot of cycling.

                    Now how it works could be that you burn more food than you eat.

                    Yet, it could also possibly be that if you cycle for 2 hours a day your hands are not free to stuff pies in your face and you're so knackered you have to go to bed earlier thereby also removing several pie stuffing hours from each day.
                    Insanity: repeating the same actions, but expecting different results.
                    threadeds website, and here's my blog.