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Best Exercise Temperature to Lose Weight

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    Lucifer's Supplementary Diet Advice: eat lots of celery, which consumes more energy in the eating of than it contains. The more you eat, the thinner you get.


      Originally posted by threaded
      I'm not so sure about this calorie counting, and so in the Threaded Cycling Diet although based on the theory of calorie counting, you don't actually need to.

      In Threadeds Cycling Diet you can eat as much as you want when you want, you just have to do an awful lot of cycling.

      Now how it works could be that you burn more food than you eat.

      Yet, it could also possibly be that if you cycle for 2 hours a day your hands are not free to stuff pies in your face and you're so knackered you have to go to bed earlier thereby also removing several pie stuffing hours from each day.
      Muscle weighs more than fat.
      With plenty of exercise and eating what you want when you want you will merely tone up, not necessarily lose weight.

      Who gives a tulip about how much you weigh just so long as you're not a flabby little fact feck a la Threaded.