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Baiting fiddleabout

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    Baiting fiddleabout

    This thread is totally dedicated at developing means to bait fiddleabout out of his excile -- don't post here, start new threads so that he would not be able to resist to post. threaded where are you?

    threaded where are you?
    I swear I saw him playing in the Seniors Tour British Open. He seems to have grown a goateee.
    I am not qualified to give the above advice!

    The original point and click interface by
    Smith and Wesson.

    Step back, have a think and adjust my own own attitude from time to time



      Hi heard Fiddle had taken residence on Gerry's board at ITcontractors.com ?

      Has he been seen since?


        Originally posted by AtW
        threaded where are you?
        Here he is!


          Where is Fiddle?

          Fiddle wandered long and far without his nurse. The chill winter rain soaked his flimsy nightgown, yet still he stumbled on. Where was he headed? He did not know. All he knew was that he must continue.
          Fiddle came to a deserted shore. The angry waves crashed against the broken rocks of the beach. Fiddle smiled; for he knew death would come shortly.
          In the distance, he spotted a woman dressed in white, sitting on a rock. Her golden hair flowed in the wind. As he approached, Fiddle noticed that the woman was throwing daisies into the sea.
          “What are you doing?” enquired Fiddle.
          The woman sighed, “I am counting the minutes that my love has been parted from me. Each daisy represents a minute”.
          “What happened to your love?”
          “He has not yet found life.”
          “Not found life? Is he dead?”
          “No. He never had a life. I met him in my dream, but he was gone when I woke.”
          Fiddle wandered into the ocean, until the water covered his head. He knew that time would replay the scene and that he would meet the woman again.
          Autom...Sprow...Canna...Tik banna...Sandwol...But no sera smee


            Now that I like WS. I have no idea why, but if I like it it must be deep and meaningful. You are clearly a man of depth and insight. Or you talk bollox. I have often found they are one and the same.

            No fiddle???? CUK not de same without fiddle! I's off to rock in my crib and suck my thumb an cry now. I miss him.

            If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
            John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


              Originally posted by Paco
              Here he is!
              Brilliant. Was that on his way to work?

              Here he is again, at work...

              And again, with a mate flying his plane backwards while being chased by another mate...