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Advice needed on good insurer for new expensive home furniture items

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    Eliquant - when can we expect to see your pad on MTV Cribs then?


      Originally posted by Ardesco View Post
      WTF?? Only 2Gb memory and 1 GFX Card????

      I have more memory in my box... and I have the same main hard drives and my box was well under £1000.

      I can't belive anybody would buy that....
      Ahh but does it have a snake on the side and blue neon's on the front?

      ...thought not.
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        Originally posted by Ardesco View Post
        I'd like to know what sort of spec that £5400 computer is? I can't think of much to put in it that would knock it above £3000 and we are talking silly things like triple GFX cards all water cooled and physics cards etc to get it that high...
        The Mac Pro with all of the extras will set you back over $24K.....
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          Originally posted by Xenophon View Post
          Originally posted by BrowneIssue View Post
          £10k of train set
          CUK Geek of the Week

          Kewl! And it's only Monday! Thanks, Xenophon!
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            Originally posted by eliquant View Post
            Advice needed on good insurer for new expensive home home furniture items and electrical items.

            Ok here it is moved into my flat 1 year ago in the last few months purchased:

            bought 1 x £6,600 bed
            bought 1 x £5,300 sofa
            bought 1 x £5,400 computer
            bought 1 x £3,000 sofa bed
            bought 5 x £5,000 (total) chairs

            I have the receipts for all of these items.

            So I called Nationwide this Saturday morning asking to see whether or not I would have to extend my cover and/or declare these items as luxury expensive items so that their full amount would be covered and not only the first £1,000 of each item.

            The woman I spoke to who actually dealt with Home Insurance only was totally clueless, she didn't seem to know whether or not my existing £21,000 insurance amount (which I want to extend) will even cover these items at all or only up to £1,000 on each item or for the full amount.

            I would assume that you simply designate these items as luxury items which are over £1,000 in value and insure them individually (as I already have done with an item I through away 2 months ago) but she didn't seem to have any idea !

            She fobbed me off basically and I am cheesed off.

            So in your wisdome do you have any good recommendations for an home insurance company that knows what its doing and can actually insure home furniture / electrical items that are up to £7,000 ????

            AXA insurance are they any good ?

            thanks in advance

            AXA are a good Insurer.

            a better bet might be Hiscox - they do a lot of High Net Worth stuff - probably more suitable in your case.

            Try here
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              Originally posted by BrowneIssue View Post
              £15k in reference material

              Surely you mean £30 down Oxfam for the lot?


                OP seems like a good competition to threaded the great


                  Originally posted by BrowneIssue View Post
                  Kewl! And it's only Monday! Thanks, Xenophon!

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