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Tony Bliar to head up the World Bank

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    Tony Bliar to head up the World Bank

    Remember you read it here first.

    Unless of course you've read it somewhere else already.
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    Originally posted by threaded
    Remember you read it here first.

    Unless of course you've read it somewhere else already.

    I've always considered Tony as a bit of a banker.


      I heard he is to become a Catholic and head up Opus Dei.

      Because the EU, the UN and the Bilderberg group all told him to feck off.


        There is no chance of B'Liar getting any role with EU, UN etc after his involvement with the US over Iraq. No other country would back him.

        He is toxic for most companies too. So it's the lecture circuit in the US for him.

        However it does remind me of Dennis Skinner's quip about Thatcher becoming the European Central Bank governor.
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          I want to open an account with the world bank, anyone used them? Do they do online banking?



            It was once thought that he would move on from UK politics to take up a high profile international job. But his chances of heading a United Nations agency, the World Bank or another multinational institution were quashed forever when he joined The US president, George Bush, in the war in Iraq.

            Equally, Iraq will have ended any hopes he may have cherished of becoming the first president of Europe - if that post, part of the stalled European constitution, ever comes into being.

            Instead, it is thought that he will set up his own Blair Foundation to promote causes such as the fight against poverty in Africa, peace in the Middle East and action on global warming.

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              Originally posted by zeitghost
              Did I not read somewhere that the hideous grotesque he's married to has arranged a nice little sinecure for herself recently?
              Good word, for the rest of us:


              -an office that involves minimal duties
              -a benefice to which no spiritual or pastoral duties are attached
              -An ecclesiastical benefice without the care of souls.
              -To put or place in a sinecure.