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New Kitchen

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    somebody mentioned to me that the Ikea units fit flush against the wall and that there is insufficient room for pipes, cables etc?

    I think this can be remedied by screwing a baton to the wall and fixing the units to that.

    Could just be BS though.....


      Bought an IKEA kitchen a few years ago and was spot on, looked the biz and cheap as chips!

      Would recommend that it's all about the fitting/finish. Unless you are as Handy as Andy pay someone to do it. Preferably someone who comes with a recommendation from a friend/family member etc...


        For those of you that wish to talk about Kitchens...I believe that there is a website for girls called i-village

        Property advisor for the people


          Guys / gals

          Thanks as always for the feedback and the interesting diversions. I have also heard the Ikea recommendation separately so this looks like the first port of call (although dreading the drive up the A23 in Croydon)

          Since I have relented and accepted a new Kitchen, life at home is great and a weekend of bonding and nesting awaits ..


            Originally posted by Vito
            ...does anyone else have a Nail gun...now this is man stuff!! Never used if for anything constructive (pardon the pun) but its my favourite toy!!
            See if you can defeat the interlock and fire across the workshop
            How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think


              Originally posted by Troll
              See if you can defeat the interlock and fire across the workshop

              I'll see what I can do...wish me luck...
              Property advisor for the people


                Originally posted by the guy with the bowtie
                bonding and nesting


                  Originally posted by the guy with the bowtie
                  I've finally submitted to the repeated requests for a new Kitchen (in reality the old one is falling to pieces at an accelerating rate).

                  Some questions on which I would value some feedback

                  Try the usenet discussion group uk.d-i-y
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