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Plan B: Timeshare/ Holiday Villa tycoon

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    Yes there are hundreds of different types of jelly fish, and large disgusting insects.
    I'm alright Jack


      Originally posted by NoddY
      Someone told me arid Almeria is more biologically diverse than a tropical rain forest.
      I think they may be a loony. I would imagine one old tree in a rain forest would have more biodiversity than the whole of Almeria.
      Insanity: repeating the same actions, but expecting different results.
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        Originally posted by NoddY
        Someone told me arid Almeria is more biologically diverse than a tropical rain forest.
        Did they give you a free scratch card that once rubbed revealed 3 palm tree's which entitled you to enter a competion with a 'Luxury Villa' as first prize? All you have to do is attend one of their seminars etc etc....
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          Originally posted by gingerjedi
          I was looking at property in the Pissouri area when I was out there last September and thought I could just about put up with the 35c heat but when talking to locals they were saying it had been 50c for almost the entire previous month. ...so how's the Cyprus skiing season been?

          Not a skier myself, but did go out at Christmas with the purpose of seeing snow and sitting on the beach on Christmas day. Saw some snow up past Troodos, but it was too cold for the beach.

          The houses in Cyprus (especially the newer builds) are too hot in summer and like ice-boxes in the winter, it was funny to see all the locals in the shops buying up all the heaters.


            Originally posted by BlasterBates
            For me southern Spain conjures up images of hotel blocks, waste land, bits of dying forests, huge rubbish tips, badly ugly built houses, Brits wandering around with painful sunburn and nodules over their faces due too much sun, and mediterranean sea full of sewage and horrible looking jelly fish.
            Aye BB

            But I was only visting Marbella en passant travelling to my beloved Cadiz - the oldest Port in Europe (3000 years old) now that is a place I like - and its the good old Atlantic Ocean you have there - none of the boring Med puddle.


              I'm sure there are some great places

              Cadiz sounds interesting, and Seville.
              I'm alright Jack