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XR blocking M25 Again

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    Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
    While Priti Patel is trying to stop people having the right to protest it is a human right in the UK.
    No she isn't. Recent law changes (I thought they had already passed?) regard violent/offensive protest. The more intellectual protestors (or their leaders more commonly) are concerned - with some merit - that this gives police blanket powers to decide what is offensive, their followers just get told "she wants to ban protest because she's a Tory".

    As an example I know someone who works for an anti-abortion charity, they take to the streets with quite graphic messages and literature. I imagine most here would disagree with their views and (like me) consider their approach rather unpleasant. However I imagine objectively, most people would agree they are legally allowed to... but new laws raise concerns Pc Plod can just shut down anyone they find distasteful. Which is potentially a slippery slope.
    Originally posted by MaryPoppins
    I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
    Originally posted by vetran
    Urine is quite nourishing



      Car crash interview which is ironic.

      First question to Liam Norton - head of insulate Britain or whatever they are called

      Q:"Do you have insulation in your own house?"

      A: "That's not the point"