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Euro 2020 / 2021 CUK Sweepstake - Pick a number NOW !!

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    Originally posted by AtW View Post
    23 please
    wow - no chance - you have England. DOOOOOOOOOM


      Originally posted by Whorty View Post
      5 please

      Whorty you have Hungary


        Originally posted by mattster View Post
        Hey Mattster

        Number 9 = CROATIA - Good Luck outside chance


          Originally posted by Mordac View Post

          We work in an industry famous for delivering about a year late (usually because of someone else's incompetence), and you dare to have a go at UEFA for delivering a tournament a year late because of a global pandemic? Pop yourself on the naughty step (5 mins should do it...)

          The real and very boring reason being that all the branding was in place for 2020
          No-one could be bothered to go around pasting a 1 over the top?


            Originally posted by Mordac View Post
            27 please
            24 teams. pick again.
            or keep 27 as San Marino


              Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
              Has Belgium gone?
              Not yet.
              I will send you my bank details and you can have it.


                Originally posted by courtg9000 View Post
                7 please
                7 has gone. pick again.

                Just because it is France doesn't mean it goes twice.
                Spain, Italy, Holland, belgium still to be picked.
                See original thread for remaining numbers.
                Last edited by saptastic; 5 June 2021, 08:45.


                  I am clocking off till tomorrow so leave your numbers here and I will update tomorrow..........

                  There are 24 teams and the numbers that have already gone are as below....
                  Lots of good teams left............ so pick your numbers or be left out.....

                  NO.3 Denmark LADY MUCK
                  NO.5 Hungary WHORTY
                  NO.7 France - PARALYTIC
                  NO.9 Croatia MATTSTER
                  NO.21 Portugal HALO JONES
                  NO. 23 England - ATW

                  Last edited by saptastic; 5 June 2021, 08:44.


                    ok 10 Please.
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                      Originally posted by saptastic View Post

                      Whorty you have Hungary
                      Excuse me, have some respect and use their full team name .... The Mighty Hungary

                      I am what I drink, and I'm a bitter man