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Mini umbrella firms costing UK taxpayer millions

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    Originally posted by Disguised Contractor View Post
    Could anyone with greater knowledge of tax loopholes than I please express an opinion on how this loophole could be leveraged or abused with regards to IR35?
    It has got nothing to do with IR35.

    It has got to do with nobody, especially the civil service wanting to employ people. And the resulting dodgy agency/umbrella scenarios that have been around in numerous forms over the last 15-20 years or so.

    If companies employed people, a lot of this would go away.

    And as has been said on this thread, in this case it is affecting people on or potentially below minimum wage.


      This problem has always existed but snowballed during the Blair/Brown years as trade unions decided they loved the Labour party and sacks of money more than their members. The fact that total taxation has been going up year after year as government liabilities swell hasn't helped either.

      Sooner or later we will reach an en-pass where the cost of government will crush what is left of the private sector.


        Originally posted by vetran View Post

        a right wing mag like Private eye discovering it? Only the way because of the unique way the BBC is funded can they discover such injustice.
        Private Eye is right wing? Really?
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          Poor HMRC can't get a break. They enforce ir35 and this pops up.


            Originally posted by Andy2 View Post
            Poor HMRC can't get a break. They enforce ir35 and this pops up.
            HMRC HQ - >


              Originally posted by Whorty View Post

              Private Eye is right wing? Really?
              it was a joke when you as far left as the Beeb is sometimes then Stalin looks right wing.
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              I want to see the hand of history on his collar.


                An excuse for Sunak to cancel that 4k employment tax bonus for everybody