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Brain activity data may improve stock market forecasts, study shows

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    Brain activity data may improve stock market forecasts, study shows

    "Brain activity data may improve stock market forecasts, study shows

    US research suggests scans offer better price predictions than the actual choices investors make

    From never trading during the first 30 minutes, to not returning to a stock for a third time, financial investors have a stack of superstitions for predicting stock price changes. Now neuroscientists may have hit upon a more accurate prediction tool: scans of people’s brain activity just before they make investment choices.

    A study in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests brain activity may be a better predictor of stock price changes than prior market trends, or the actual stocks people decide to invest in.

    Brian Knutson at Stanford University in California and his colleagues previously used the average brain activity of a group of people to predict which videos would go viral and which crowdfunding campaigns were the most likely to receive funding."


    Won't say a word about Morty waves from some of the esteemed CUK members

    I wonder what a scan of Scooter's brain activity would reveal just before he came up with this prediction?

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    Scoots still says that Apr 2020 didn't mark the start of a new stock bull market.