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    Sorry for your loss


      Originally posted by Whorty View Post

      I blame the Mods ... NAT has a lot to answer for
      3 of my last 5 bans to start with
      When freedom comes along, don't PISH in the water supply.....


        Originally posted by Whorty View Post
        My beautiful, amazing wife, best friend, soul mate, has finally lost her battle against the disease that she has suffered with for 25 years. She passed away yesterday morning, on her 51st birthday.

        Her star may not have shone long, but it sure did shine very bright. She did more in her short 51 years than many will ever do in a full lifetime. Towards the end we talked about her life and achievements and the only regret she had was not being able to grow old and disgraceful with me.

        She was loved by everyone who met her, she was that kind of person. I have received 100's of best wishes from people all over the world that she touched the hearts of; she would argue that she did nothing special, she was just being herself, but that is exactly why she was loved.

        She completed me, and today is the first day of the rest of my life where I'm having to get used to being less than whole.
        I don't know what to say, except to extend my deepest sympathies.
        His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...



          No words
          Growing old is mandatory
          Growing up is optional


            Thoughts with you...
            Rhyddid i lofnod psychocandy!!!!