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Friday Poetry Corner The Crime of the Century

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    Friday Poetry Corner The Crime of the Century

    They're planning
    The Crime of the Century
    Who or What
    Will it be ?

    Read all about their schemes and adventuring
    Yes its well worth the Fee

    Go Roll up and See
    How they raped the Universe
    How they've gone from Bad to Worse

    Who are these Men
    Of Lust Greed and Glory ?

    Rip of the Masks and let's see ...

    Last edited by AlfredJPruffock; 31 July 2020, 09:25.

    You're Insane ...


      I’m growing progressively fat,
      In contact with nought but my cat.
      If only that diner
      In the back blocks of China
      Ate chicken rather than bat.


      Can you imagine at the end of Corona?
      When we all emerge from our coma
      Oh what a fright
      When we all unite
      And everyone’s hairy, fat and finally sober?


      My licorice intake has ceased
      The lack of crap paper not least
      Thanks to the hoarders
      You filthy marauders
      The after effects are a beast


      Brexit is having a wee in the middle of the room at a house party because nobody is talking to you, and then complaining about the smell.


        I do like a nice poem - and what better than a nice tune to go along with that - perfect !

        NB recorded at East Kilbride ShabbyRoad studios back in March- or was it April - does it matter ???