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Am I right to be a little sceptical?

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    Was called by one yesterday who was literally a trolley pusher in Tesco a month ago. Pretended he had a role but they were waiting for the job spec, but asked if I could send my CV anyway straight away, I said can't send my CV without a job description. I then asked who is the end client? Wouldn't give me the name of the end client because of GDPR reasons, when I pointed out GDPR only applies to people and not to companies he went quiet and hung up.


      Originally posted by NotAllThere View Post

      Let me guess. Degree in History.
      I've noticed that many bog standard recruitment agents these days used to work in a pub or gym prior to going into recruitment, which is obviously great preparation.

      Working with some of the higher end or boutique interim and search firms is quite different. I don't think I've come across any of that ilk. Quite a lot have been to top unis, got Masters degrees etc. No guarantee they would be any good but the better ones are light years ahead of your typical pimp, partly because they pay them much better, funded by higher fees to clients.
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        Originally posted by NotAllThere View Post

        Let me guess. Degree in History.
        or Degree in English Literature (which I am )


          Originally posted by Paralytic View Post
          Without even reading the thread content, the answer should always be yes.

          As soon as you mentioned an agent, the answer is definitely yes.
          The answer is no. You should be massively sceptical.
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            I get 5-10 of these types of emails a week via linkedin .... 90% are for roles that I have no skills set for so ignore. If the role is doable, I'll look at the agent and if I think it's worth it I'll ping a msg back saying not currently looking, but I'll connect up to him/her.

            Mostly tosh though ..... my normal trusted agent gets most of my work so why go elsewhere. I guess as you're niche you're in teh same boat.
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