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Swiss Contracts

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    Swiss Contracts

    I am hopefully about to secure a 'Swiss Role' (get it!? ). I will be working through my own limited company direct to a Swiss agency with no UK arm contracted to a Swiss end client. However, the work will be completely remote from the UK.

    I have a few questions I need advice on:

    - I suspect that I don't need a visa as I'm both working remotely and I'm working through my own LTD UK company. Can you confirm?

    - I believe my invoices need to be raised without VAT? If so, as this will be my only engagement for more than 6 months, should I consider coming off the flat rate VAT scheme?

    -Are there any import/export rules or fees that I need to be aware of? This is a services only engagement, no goods will be transferred.

    - Do I need be aware of any compliance that my company needs to follow in order to do business with Swiss businesses?

    - I think IR35 rules are still relevant and I will be hoping to work outside of I35, however I assume the UK cannot impose the liability and checking onto my end client. Therefore, instead, does the liability sit with me or my LTD like it used to?

    - Is the liability insurance that I have likely to cover me for business outside the UK? (I will check with insurance company too but it's difficult as it's a part of a package deal with my accountant)

    - Is there anything else you think I should know that I haven't covered?

    You don't need a visa to work remotely for a Swiss company.
    You didn't used to have to charge VAT, but Switzerland has bilateral treaties with the EU, so possibly you do now.
    No import or export rules.
    No special compliance
    IR35 - most likely it lies with you. It's hard to see how a Swiss company could even pay an NI bill for someone in the UK.
    Insurance - ask your accountant then. I doubt liability insurance will be an issue, but PI could be.

    You need to agree the currency of payment. Personally, I'd go for Swiss francs, as it seems more stable than the pound at the moment. You should explore ways of transfering money so you don't clobbered with bad exchange rates.
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      For IR35 there is also a dependency if the end client has any presence in the UK, it can get complicated
      VAT is deferred (assuming it's the same rule as for the EU for services)
      For currency transfer use a multi currency business account from WISE (cost £25 to set up) you get your own CHF business bank account number (also if you would want USD, EUR, GBP etc) paid in CHF and you will lose only a very tiny percentage in currency exchange cost, it uses the official middle rate for the very minute you make a transfer between currencies.