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How did you do this year?

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    Was going great guns in the first half of the year with a solid if not spectacular paying contract that would have taken me into July and possibly beyond. WFH from March onwards before getting terminated early in May.

    Absolutely horrible trying to find a new contract. Had no interviews and about half a dozen phone calls in about five months. Eventually a contact called me out of the blue to do a part time thing I started this week.

    Just hope we have bottomed out.


      Had a two month break at the start of the year before deciding that I'd like to get into the travel industry

      That lasted for 2 months before being let go. 3 months out before starting a WFH for a consultancy in Dublin. Not a spectacular rate but the old normal has gone so quite happy overall plus no IR35 nonsense. WFH is a lot cheaper and the shed went to the scrapyard.

      Started a Masters online, learning a lot but I'm not sure I'll finish.

      Roll-on 2021!


        Billed 190 so far this calendar year, will end up at 220 for the year which is a little low for me but I wasn't in contract for till mid feb because i flirted with going perm.

        Financially/business wise its been fine but its been the most boring year of my life, probably the easiest most relaxing year as well but boring. Kind of feels like someone stole a year of my life.


          Better than antici.....pated. £190K prorata. (I work parttime). That includes six days to the end of the year for handover. This is at the termination of a fifteen year contract. Not the best ever by any means - I had a perfect storm one year that netted nearly £400K.

          Next year - permie. Which should take me decently remunerated to retirement, since the company I'm working for don't do ageism.

          (Bear in mind that I'm paid in Swiss francs, and so the amounts are inflated by the relative strengths of the franc and the £ ).

          What went well Got new eyes, courtesy of cataract surgery. So now only wear glasses for reading. And even then, it's only occasionally. WFH. Granddaughter.

          What went badly Fsking bladder isn't working, so many infections... (not prostate issues, not cancer - they'd be easily treatable). WFH. Missing out on long term colleague leaving dos due to lockdown. Closing my company down.
          Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


            How did you do this year?

            What went well:

            What went bad:
            Hurt my knee running.
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              How did you do this year?
              Pretty well. In the last phase of a big transformation programme. Contract has been extended until the end of March to transition to bau/mop up, so hoping the market is looking healthier by then.

              What went well:
              Working from home. I used to hate it. Absolutely love it now. I feel much more in control of my life. My local supermarket has cut price items at the start of the day and I've bought some unbelievable bargains which I share with families who need a bit of extra help. Also started going to the gym which has had unexpected health benefits.

              What went bad:
              Got Covid bad. Really bad. Sick for a month and still suffering side effects. But hugely grateful to God that I'm still alive.


                How did you do this year?
                turnover down by 50%

                What went well:
                Furloughing myself and get a permie job so double income.

                What went bad:
                I quit my permie job after 3 months as I absolute couldn't stand being a permie for one second longer
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                  How did you do this year?
                  Will bill 242 days this year at the same client.

                  What went well:
                  Survived (so far). Enough in the War Chest to keep me going through whatever tulip comes in Jan and next year.
                  Managed to get a week in Rhodes just before the 2nd lockdown - saved my sanity.
                  Trump is gone.
                  Lost 10kg so far on a crazy diet.

                  What went bad:
                  Bit burned out and wish I'd taken more time off.
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                    General: New stuff down. Bit of a crapper of year. Income down a bit.
                    Good: Incoming new business enquiries up 20% and advertising up by 35% on year just in the past fortnight. So excellent flow building for 2021. Its getting interesting and very busy. The magazine is looking like 150 pages + in the next issue Some very interesting deals for me too. A few estate strategy things coming up too.
                    Might have a nice contract for 3 months next year - stuff I love doing - might get deemed inside which is a bit of a bummer. Just for a last hurrah!

                    Usual health bollocks. Unexpected hospital visits and ambulance rides running above average Tenants being a***holes . Crap March - October. No access to Ireland or France.
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                      What went well

                      234 billable days worked so far. Will end on 255 - a record for me.
                      A couple of standard months at the beginning of the Year,
                      Manic 6 months standing up Covid related system to keep the health service on its feet (hence no. billable days) - most fun I've ever had at work
                      Moved clients achieving a record daily rate.
                      Landed 1 subbie at new client (first for me).
                      May land 1 to 3 more subbies. Fingers crossed.

                      What went badly