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Contractor to perm - how much money to expect (part timer)

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    Im still trying to evaluate the perm UK job market and spent a good few hours searching and landed on this thread to try and revive

    Could someone please help me understand how 500 per day outside IR35 is anywhere close to 80K a year as a perm? I have never understood these numbers for ten years and have always argued that 500 per day is even better than 120K perm for the simple reason of the tax benefits.

    I have read on here many times that contractors should not plan to be full time employed but even if you have 200 days a yer billable you end up with a large holiday sabbatical which is valuable

    So please can you politely and helpfully make me understand how 500 per day is perm equivalent to 80K ?

    NB : I have a role abroad and I also have an offer in London which is where I want to be but the tax situation in the UK is eye wateringly high and I am having trouble accepting that PAYE tax with no deductions other than pension sacrifice is all I can do


      Outside IR35 - you control / manage when you yourself receive the money

      Inside IR35 - money is taxed as you receive it (unless you redirect it to a pension).

      That's the biggest difference.

      However your issue is that you are a greedy **** whose biggest issue is that your already earn a more than decent income via property rentals.
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