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Changing an agent when there is no contract in place

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    Originally posted by Joes View Post

    How on earth the old agent would get paid? The invoices wouldn't;t go through him and there is no contract. Probably a lot smarter...lol
    my question was how DOES the agent get paid. Not how will the agent get paid.
    So how does he? By whom? And under what contract?
    And if you use another agency does it make that contractual chain void? And if so how?

    Or is this just hope and aspiration, based on assumption and guess work?
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      If there's no contract and you walk, what expectation do you have that you'll be paid for any outstanding invoices?


        Its possible that you haven't signed a contact, however if you have been doing the work, submitting invoices and being paid there is an implied contact in place and if you've not seen it there is no guarantee you can walk away clean and simple.

        There is also the relationship between the client and the agent, ninety nine times out of a hundred the client will use an agent to save them hassle, if you bring them the hassle of wanting to change agent (which affects them as thats where their contract lies) you will again more likely than not find the offer revoked. It easier to find one contractor than a new agent to handle the dozens of contractors a client may have
        Originally posted by Stevie Wonder Boy
        I can't see any way to do it can you please advise?

        I want my account deleted and all of my information removed, I want to invoke my right to be forgotten.


          Why on earth are you staying with a client going outside to inside when you've absolutely no defence you were ever outside at all. That's just utter madness.

          No wonder HMRC thought they had a case to bring the rules in. What an absolute cluster **** this is. tulip way to act as a contractor. Dumbest thing I've read in ages.
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            Maybe this is your first contract. What other posters are suggesting is that contracting is a lucrative lifestyle, but the financial management/ know-how is equally (if not more) important than the tech skills. It sounds like your naivety has led to you being exploited on this gig, and you just need to think about the best way to untangle yourself.

            - It sounds like you are happy staying with the client. Are you aware of the financial downside of moving from outside to inside IR35?
            - Do you know the market value for your skills?
            - What is so good about this client that you don't look for another contract elsewhere?

            You need to think about your exit plan. Changing agents is a non-starter.
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              Back to the core of the problem.

              You want more money and the agent does want to surrender any margin, yes?
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