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What is everyone going to do assuming HMR&C and Osborne get their way?

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    Originally posted by m0n1k3r View Post
    Not necessarily. My prediction is that it will drive outsourcing and offshoring.
    And then the always-thoughtful British press will run stories about the evil corporations offshoring work and putting British people out of work, with never a consideration that it is in response to government actions which they encourage and applaud.

    And after a few get horrible publicity and their non-exec directors lose their knighthoods and peerages, the rest will make sure they keep a quota of British contractors engaged.

    And so a new set of business villains will be created, uncovered, and pilloried, and damage will have been done to British business again, and the ever-vigilant opposition will scream about employment rates and pay but never, ever say anything about the government stupidity of these tax changes.

    And an economic equilibrium will be achieved, once again, and good contractors will still do well for themselves on both a before and after tax basis. And in 2020, a government will achieve or retain power based not on sound economic management but on who is best at presenting a narrative which the masses will buy.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    And then at some future date I will go retire in the South Pacific and find it hard to care overmuch when the house of cards finally collapses.

    The end.