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RDP over VPN reliability issues

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    RDP over VPN reliability issues

    Having an issue with VPN & Remote Desktop reliability and wonder if there is a better setup than what is currently used ...

    My wife is using RDP to access her work Windows server when WFH. The PPTP VPN is terminated on ADSL router (Billion BiPac - it does termination, not just pass through). So, she fires up the VPN, then connects via RDP. But, the connection is prone to dropping. Another user also VPNs/RDPs in occasionally, and gets similar issues.

    It could be because the work ADSL line is a bit slow - 1Mb download, 0.5Mb upload (it's in the sticks). Or it could be the router.

    I have been testing out Hamachi VPN (now from logmein) with mixed results. I can't get a direct tunnel, always comes up relayed, and the speed is slow (sometimes it won't connect the RDP session). Also, it requires a user to be logged in at all times to run the client. I think some of these issues may be resolved by purchasing a hamachi subscription (such as the logged in user) but I'm still to be convinced it's the best solution.

    Have thought about ditching the VPN and just port forwarding the RDP session to the Windows server but have concerns about exposing the server/login to the internet. And my wife uses rubbish (i.e. simple) passwords.

    Any suggestions ??

    Hello Spoiler

    I was under the impression that there was serious security flaws with PPTP and people should retire it asafp.

    On my testbed I do use RDP on very high ports (no need to mess around with listen port in windows - redirect by forward-facing firewall, limit by ip acl). However, there's not a sniff of commercially-sensitive or company information on that network. If it gets compromised I will simply flatten and rebuild. Your requirements may vary.

    I also use IPSEC tunnels between sites. I also like messing with OpenWRT or DD-WRT on supported devices. The best two I have found yet for mobile are Asus WL330N3G and TP-LINK 703n routers. Between home and workshop areas I have Alix 2D13 boxes sat in front doing firewalling, NATing, IPSEC tunneling, IDS and QoS. Can have a choice of IPSEC or perhaps openvpn (this requires client but very good)

    If not in the market for high-end Cisco gear perhaps checkout m0n0wall (slim) or pfsense (think m0nowall with extra packages) to see what can be achieved with a little tinkering. pfsense is what I'm using.

    A bit of traffic shaping wouldn't go amiss either to try to "guarantee" you a bandwidth rate capable of sustaining RDP properly. While you're there perhaps see if you can have a sniff see what else could be saturing the link - previous gig I had the frickin' finance director of all people was maxing out a 30mb circuit with torrents till that got stamped on.


      Thanks Monkfish - will take a look. Hopefully I can find a simple solution = less of a headache for me to support.


        If both users get bounced out at random intervals, maybe its a keep alive issues on the termination point?



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